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bySusie Yuill

Fast, easy proprietary and Enverus data integration in PRISM now available

If you’re relying solely on internal proprietary data to make critical decisions, you’re missing out on the opportunity to drive better business outcomes. Comparing proprietary data, such as estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) or well landing intervals, to trusted, unbiased Enverus data and analytics to verify findings or identify outliers means you can make decisions based on a more complete data set.

One recent 2022 study by the National Energy Technology Institute found that using proprietary data facilitates greater insight to key grand challenges common to any oil and gas operator when used and analyzed in combination with data provided by Enverus.

For most companies, blending these massive data sets together is time-consuming, onerous and costly, preventing detailed workflows from contributing to high-level workflows and vice versa. Also, the data platforms many companies use today aren’t designed for cross-team collaboration, so it’s difficult for geo teams to share their subsurface interpretations with engineering teams, for example. That means technical teams spend valuable time on data integration activities rather than focusing on finding answers to business questions.

In this era of limited inventory, companies must focus on improving efficiency and optimizing development strategies, not moving data around or waiting for data uploads that take hours.

Fusion Connect, a new solution from Enverus, makes it quick and easy to upload proprietary data into PRISM. This view allows you to benchmark your analysis, such as completion designs or well performance to Enverus analytics, discover new learnings to inform your operations, uncover outliers and easily share findings with other teams to support better outcomes, whether it’s more accurate evaluations or optimal well designs. Read the press release to learn more.  

Some examples of specific workflows that assist in asset development optimization include:

  • Increasing confidence in reserves bookings.
  • Ensuring your well landing lateral length calculations will yield high-performing designs.
  • Optimizing type curve proposals.

This new level of value cannot be offered by any other provider the ability to compare findings to Enverus data built upon more than 20 years of market intelligence and machine learning in a single platform designed for cross-team collaboration with the most current insights. Also, different stakeholders in the energy ecosystem rely on Enverus data and analytics as the single source of truth that influences important decisions. For example, Wall Street uses Enverus insights to make capital investment decisions, and operators use the same insights to provide ROI on those investments.

Simplified blending of Enverus and proprietary data into one common platform that is accessible by multiple teams streamlines collaboration and knowledge sharing, making team workflows much more efficient, so you get answers faster. Additionally, customers leveraging PRISM and Fusion Connect can avoid the cost and time required to build and maintain an in-house solution for data integration.

Watch this video to learn how you can quickly group wells in proprietary type curve areas for accurate production forecasts with Fusion Connect. 

For early adopters of Fusion Connect, the breakthrough is already proving to save time and resources and improve customer inter-company collaboration. These intelligent connections enable companies to act fast and deliver extraordinary outcomes that had not been possible previously. This development is crucial in today’s rapidly changing energy ecosystem.

Enverus solutions are built to support your workflows at every stage of the asset lifecycle.

Request more information about how Enverus can help you optimize your asset management by filling out the form below.

Susie Yuill

Susie Yuill

Susie Yuill is an Associate Director of Product Marketing at Enverus. She specializes in bringing SaaS software products to market and creating and implementing high-value marketing programs to reach and convert target accounts. Throughout the years, she has led the marketing product launches for several SaaS products for various industries. Susie is a proud, fightin' Texas A&M Aggie and earned an MBA from Texas State University.

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