An elevated solution for you & your team. Trusted technology to enhance every workflow. ENVERUS FUSION® CONNECT allows you to easily integrate your data directly into the ENVERUS PRISM® platform to drive better business decisions across the entire asset lifecycle.

Make Intelligent Connections For Extraordinary Outcomes with Fusion Connect


Fusion Connect Benefits

Make Optimal Decisions

Gain insights from workflows that leverage diverse data sources, avoiding reliance solely on third-party or internal data.

Maximize Collaboration

Simplified integration of Enverus data and your data in one platform, accessible by multiple teams, streamlines collaboration and knowledge sharing, so you get answers faster.

Innovation Forward

Accelerate data-driven decisions with concept testing company-wide on the PRISM platform, built to solve complex problems in energy.

Amplify Workflows With Easy, Fast Data Integration

FUSION CONNECT allows you to easily integrate your data directly to PRISM

Only Enverus offers the ability to compare your data to trusted Enverus analytics that are based on 20+ years of market intelligence and machine learning, in the powerful PRISM platform.

This view makes it easy for analyst, asset, geology and engineering teams to seamlessly share information and make asset development decisions that deliver the best returns.

Fusion Connect Workflows Use the Most Complete Insights

Get a Holistic View of Future Inventory & Development

Make Confident M&A and Development Decisions and Quantify Upside Potential

Inform investors of remaining inventory

Trusted third-party validation

Accurate & fast inventory evaluation

Your Advantage

  • Join your forecasts and inventory analysis to Enverus remaining inventory and well level forecasts and track competitor activity to inform M&A and development decisions and quantify upside potential.

Monitor Investment Performance & Guide Portfolio Strategy

Easily Stay Up to Date on How PortCo’s are Performing and if Production Is on Track 

Improve confidence in investments

Easily share insights across teams

Benchmark performance

Your Advantage

  • Securely merge private PortCo forecast data with Enverus data to analyze if production is on track with expectations. Compare historic results against targets to evaluate operator performance and improve confidence in existing and future investments.

OFS Sand Mine Locations

How Can I Quickly Screen for Sand Mines in My Area?

Visualize Next Level Insights In One Platform

Gain a Competitive Edge

Discover Ideal Partners

Your Advantage

  • Quickly determine the acreage radius that makes you competitive as a sand provider for given activity in the basin.

Find Prime Project Sites With Your Local Data Advantage

How Can I Quickly Screen for Prime Project Sites in My Area?

Find exclusive opportunities

Visualize next level insights in one platform

Collaborate seamlessly across your organization

Your Advantage

  • Fuse your proprietary data and Enverus’ data into a single dynamic platform to quickly map, visualize and screen project sites in your area.

Fusion Connect is just the beginning.

Fusion Connect offers optimal returns based on the most complete insights. It is the first stage in creating a world of customization where our models and data can be blended with your data and assumptions.

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We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.

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We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.

Let’s get started!

We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.

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