Enverus openorder digital purchase order software

Simplify accounting with OpenOrder digital purchase order software that keeps oil and gas projects on time and budget, improves control over the ordering process and provides time-saving automation.


Create OpenOrder digital purchase orders and work orders and track the orders through the fulfillment and invoicing process. Tracking current expenses against committed spending, automated price compliance, three-way matching and approvals prevent projects from going over budget, save time and significantly improve spend management.


Benefits of openorder digital purchase orders

Optimize Spend

Track costs before they are incurred and identify future cost-saving opportunities.

Improve Control

Monitor and regulate purchases with robust ordering and approval entitlements and automatic price compliance.

Save Time

Integrated ordering, receiving and invoicing allow for automatic three-way matching on contracts, orders, receipts and invoices.

Streamline Dispatch

Centralized, automated dispatch in one platform keeps projects on time.

On-demand webinar: openorder digital purchase orders

Learn how OpenOrder modernizes your procurement process with automated workflows, powerful spend insights and tracking and robust order and approval entitlements. Welcome to 21st-century procurement for the energy industry. 

Why OpenOrder?

Significant time-saving automation

OpenOrder digital purchase order software integrates with OpenTicket and OpenInvoice, allowing you to create purchase orders and job orders, dispatch orders to suppliers and track receiving and invoicing. All documentation is in a single place and orders are automatically flipped to tickets or receipts and then to invoices, eliminating the need for manual entry. This also allows for automatic three-way matches and invoice approvals, saving significant time.


Realize value faster with the industry’s largest supplier network

The Enverus network connects more than 400 E&P and midstream companies and 40,000 active suppliers, making it easy to get started managing orders with OpenOrder digital purchase order software. By collaborating with your connected suppliers in real-time, you’ll experience the value of OpenOrder right away.


Implement source-to-pay digital transformation

Enverus OpenOrder digital purchase order software is integral to digitally transform your source-to-pay process by managing procurement, receiving and invoicing on one platform. Streamlining this process allows you to save significant time with automatic workflows, three-way matching and auto-approvals. It also improves spend management with automatic compliance and timely, accurate financial reporting. Most of all, it allows your organization to move away from tactical solutions, like digital invoicing, to more strategic functions like spend optimization, strategic sourcing and smart contracting.


How OpenOrder Digital Purchasing Orders Work


OpenOrder Configuration Options

Presentment Only

Creation, approvals and receiving performed in an external system integrated with OpenOrder via API.


  • Supplier collaboration
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Purchase orders or work order types
  • Goods receipts
  • Change orders
  • Supplier counteroffers
  • Configurable tolerances
  • Coding & multi-well (“split”) order lines

End-To-End Workflow

Create, approve and receive orders using Enverus workflow.

Support for:

  • All order presentment capabilities +
  • Creation & approval workflow
  • 1 or 2-step approvals
  • Receiving workflow
  • AFE expense tracking

Solution Overview: OpenOrder Digital Purchase Order

Learn more about OpenOrder, the digital ordering solution that simplifies the procurement process.

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