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Austin, Texas (October 26, 2020) — Enverus, the leading energy SaaS and data analytics company, has released the next generation of CurveBuilder, its leading forward curves data management software.

The new web-based CurveBuilder empowers all users within the trade floor — from traders to risk analysts — to create complex forward curve formulas in seconds from any remote working location. This revolutionizes access to forward curve analysis, which was previously siloed and limited to analysts with technical and coding skills.

“Global commodity trading firms are now gaining up-to-the-minute visualization of trade positions with real-time forward curve generation using CurveBuilder,” said Simon Crisp, general manager of Enverus Trading & Risk. “The software is web-based, fast, simple and intuitive, enabling traders to quickly visualize market scenarios and perform instant forward curves analysis.”

CurveBuilder provides compliance and risk managers access to complete transparency and audit trails within forward curves management, allowing users to track every change in the history of every forward curve, with unique holiday calendars and automated curves for profits and losses (P&L), value at risk (VaR) and market settles.

Democratize trade floor data — find a single source of truth

CurveBuilder’s technology empowers traders by delivering an intraday pricing solution and plugs directly into MarketView, an energy market data visualization software, for comprehensive access to market analytics tools for your specialized energy market price data feeds.

The software brings trade floors a solution to organize market data, proprietary data, forward curves and fundamentals data, in a single location. CurveBuilder implementation increases operational efficiencies, risk mitigation and compliance.

Less data collection and compliance headaches

CurveBuilder brings commodity trading firms the ability to perform all the lengthy daily forward curves and compliance analysis in a fraction of the time.

In-house forward curve management systems built in Excel spreadsheets risk making manual errors, and ignore the need for storing a robust, complete audit history. Using CurveBuilder reduces the complexity of these home-grown systems. Ultimately, trading firms using CurveBuilder spend less information technology (IT) staffing budget and time on complex data collection and compliance practices.

CurveBuilder’s flexibility makes it easy to connect with the complex algorithms generated in-house. A recent CurveBuilder implementation reduced a trading firm’s total time spent producing curves by 75%.

Time Spent Producing Curves - In-House Vs CurveBuilder
Figure 1. In total, Enverus customer GEN-I saves an average of 75% more time from the curve building process.

Learn more about CurveBuilder and the sophisticated simplicity it can bring to your trade floor by visiting this site and signing up for a virtual demo of our technology.

About Enverus
Enverus is the leading energy SaaS company delivering highly technical insights and predictive/prescriptive analytics that empower customers to make decisions that increase profit. Enverus’ innovative technologies drive production and investment strategies, enable best practices for energy and commodity trading and risk management, and reduce costs through automated processes across critical business functions. Enverus is a strategic partner to more than 6,000 customers in 50 countries. Enverus is a portfolio company of Genstar Capital. Learn more at Enverus.com.



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