You Don’t Have to Be a Quant to Get Complex Forward Curves

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byWendi Orlando

Enverus has always had a flagship curve building solution with deep functionality, but it wasn’t designed for use by everybody.

Before today, our flagship solution was largely restricted to a small and technical user group. With deep functionality came a complicated interface – and if you didn’t know how to write code, CurveBuilder probably wasn’t for you.

When it comes to managing commodity risk and building a comprehensive curves solution for risk analysts and traders, ease of use matters. And we want to empower both traders and analysts to quickly build dynamic forward curve formulas in our new fast and intuitive web-based curve building interface.

With CurveBuilder, we built a complete solution that has the ease of use, but it still has the deep functionality. So we always laugh now because it’s so easy and intuitive, a four-year-old could go in and build a curve in less than five seconds.

The launch of CurveBuilder has democratized forward curve generation.

Today, it’s the trader, it’s the risk analyst now that we’re putting the solution in their hands instead of a developer having to take control.

Before the launch of the new CurveBuilder, a trader didn’t build a curve. He would say, “Hey, could you do this for me? You know, it’s X, Y, Z, quant or X, Y, Z analyst. I need your help.” Now, traders don’t have to call on the trade floor’s quant or analysts to build a new curve. Traders have the power to open the Enverus CurveBuilder tool and build it. Enverus put in building blocks and functions where users simply drag and drop to build things together.


Make quick and timely market decisions with easy forward curve building software


Traders using CurveBuilder may just want to look at a curve formula really quickly, and view price data with ease and flexibility. Now traders have the ability to test market theories and analyze forward curves on the fly. Traders can answer these questions:

  • What does this change do to my valuation?
  • How does this change impact my mark-to-market?

So things that we’re doing now include focusing on strategy and customer value, how can we leverage the cloud to be more scalable and more performance driven within our solutions? Also, I think data is so important, right? Data provides clients that visibility to make more efficient and more profitable decisions. Or in other words: building an intelligent data enterprise. I want to be in the place that I’m providing them that data intelligence.


The Enverus #OneTeam evolution – Trading & Risk is now fully integrated!


Enverus’ Trading & Risk business unit was formed to provide predictive analytics to our clients. So now we’re to the point that we’ve settled down, we’ve integrated our technologies, and now we’re starting to bring that intelligence from our upstream group, from our power division, bringing those analytics in where they can combine.

We’ll answer questions like: How will WTI prices change due to the new supply/demand forecast?

We’re providing the robust data that our customers need to discover their market perspectives. We empower customers to watch proprietary and market data. We’re delivering data to Excel, APIs and more.

We are the only solution provider that really has everything. If you own energy assets, we have all the upstream analytics. We have the curve building. We have enterprise data management. We have a viewer, we have mobile, we have Excel tools. We have business automation. Customers can bring every link of the energy value chain from their business together from upstream to downstream, all into one place.


Wendi Orlando

Wendi Orlando

VP of Product Management, Enverus Trading & Risk. Wendi is passionate about taking a “customer-centric” approach to product management which drives business growth and contributes to a successful organization. Wendi is a Houston native with more than 20 years in the energy industry. Prior to joining Enverus, she worked for Occidental Petroleum, Apache Corporation, and Openlink Financial. She has expertise in the entire energy value chain, including producer services, scheduling, trading, and accounting. Additionally, she has deep experience in consulting, product management, go-to-market, and customer satisfaction.

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