Why Automated Forward Curves Matter to Energy Traders

Trading and Risk

Forward curves are an integral part of the trading & risk business across the energy industry.

In a typical trading & risk organization, you’ll see a few different segments focused on forward curve management.

  • Risk managers watch curves to manage their value at risk
  • Traders evaluate curves to value their profits and losses on a real-time basis
  • Strategy and planning teams use forward curves to optimize their portfolios

Enverus customers have historically used forward curves in their end-of-day processes. More and more, we see a shift—customers are requesting real-time curves to get a better and more timely valuation on their contracts.

While some trading companies attempt to handle data management on their own, without a data management partner, we see an uptick in clients who are aware of their core competency. They have a business. They have a trading entity. That is their focus. It is not the aggregation, management, and integration of data.

Helping customers develop real-time forward curve management systems–from start-up to implementation

Enverus is a company dedicated to the energy and commodity space from the perspective of forward curves.

Our focus and our mission are to help our customers improve their current state of forward curves management. The team handles data aggregation and forward curve methodology improvement to help your team reach its envisioned future.

Enverus is the only company that can visualize both historical prices and forward curves prices in MarketView, our flagship, front-end solution.

It allows customers to really see where the market was, along with where the market is going, an invaluable tool for our clients.

When new CurveBuilder customers come on board, the Enverus professional services team looks through forward curve methodologies and brings in its expertise from previous implementations and industry best practices.  As a part of the sales and onboarding process, Enverus will take you through the implementation and go-live. We’re a part of it, from the beginning, as your partner.



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