Unleash the full power of MarketView.

We want to show you a preview of the customized curves that matter most to your trade books, sourcing data from Enverus’ MarketView solution.

Enverus’ flagship Trading & Risk solutions, MarketView and CurveBuilder, are seamlessly integrated to provide clients with the highest value offering on the market:

  • All MarketView data can be used in CurveBuilder as input to the curve building process.
  • Users will have access to the full MarketView data tree in CurveBuilder.
  • Data series can be tagged as favorites in MarketView for quick access in CurveBuilder.
  • Custom curves built in CurveBuilder can be displayed and retrieved through all MarketView applications (Desktop, Excel Tools, Mobile, API).
  • User can create and upload their own data via the MarketView Customer DataHub and use it as input for the curve building process as well.

We’re building curves for trading teams of all sizes, across the globe. Let us build yours next.

Get in touch today and we’ll arrange a personalized curve building session for your team using your data and our technology. See for yourself just what we could achieve.

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Let’s get started!

We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.

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