Empowering your trade floor to build complex curves in seconds. 


Less time spent calculating curves by Enverus clients

The sophistication of simplicity.

CurveBuilder provides a robust, customizable rules-based engine that quickly generates forward curves, with the flexibility to model clients’ market understanding and interpretations.

CurveBuilder Simplicity


React to the market, create complex forward curves in seconds

CurveBuilder Simplicity


Track every change in the history of every forward curve, and utilize unique holiday calendars 

CurveBuilder Simplicity


Real-time curves to value trades. Automated EOD curves for P&L, VaR and settles

CurveBuilder Simplicity


Do more analysis. Reduce data cleaning and monitoring time

Try a CurveBuilder proof of concept

Find out what CurveBuilder could do for you by signing up for a proof of concept. Enverus will create a customized set of automated forward curves and give you access to the new web-based CurveBuilder!

CurveBuilder by the numbers

Forward curves generated daily

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Countries covered by CurveBuilder

Create forward curves on the fly

• Put forward curve creation in the hands of the user
• Gain up-to-the-minute visualization of positions with real-time curve generation
• Reduce complexity with enhanced curve building and monitoring ease of use
• Limit the manual errors that exist in Excel; transitioning users from Excel is easy
• Spend less IT staffing budget and time on data collection and data compliance

Democratize trade floor data

• Find one version of truth across the organization
• Empower traders with intraday pricing decisions instead of waiting for market close
• Organize market data, proprietary data, and fundamentals data in a single location
• Less data collection and data compliance headaches
• Increased operational efficiencies, risk mitigation and audit controls

Track every change

• CurveBuilder designed to track who makes edits to each forward curve
• Gain visibility into forward curve methodology or formula changes
• Index highly detailed audit history that Excel and other tools cannot provide
• View the price components and market conditions associated with calculations