Power price forecasts 90-day reports

Electrical power price forecast reports. Enverus 90-day energy price forecasts for electric power and renewables help market participants trade term books, balance of month or quarter-ahead. Predictions are based on seasonal electrical load history, climate indices and weather-affected solar and wind power production.

Longer-term Power Price Forecasts for Analysis and Planning

Get an edge with our 90-day energy price forecasts

Combination of AI, machine learning power price predictions and wind predictions, blended with climate indices for longer-range energy price forecasts.

Enverus 90-day energy price forecasting for power and renewables is performed by taking average load and wind forecasts from short-term outlooks and forecasting price based on climate indices.

  • Energy price forecasts for six major trade hubs: ERCOT North, CAISO SP-15, Mid-C, SPP South, PJM West, MISO Indy
  • Delivers utilities and power market participants access to top-tier unit outage data
  • 90-day price forecasts informed by supply/demand market fundamentals analysis
  • Published every other Wednesday

Enverus’ 90-day power price forecasts with forward curves give the most robust supply/demand view available.

Key 90-day Energy Price Forecast Report Features

Cutting edge deep-learning technology for reliable energy price forecasts.

After 25 years of producing trusted machine-learning load and power price forecasts, we’ve got this down to an art. Now, we’re improving MAPEs with more granular data and stronger computer power with our deep-learning technology.

Power price forecast, load and renewable analytics delivered twice daily.

Get powerful energy analytics delivered straight into your inbox. Track day-over-day load and wind generation changes and hourly electrical power price forecasts showing on-peak and off-peak prices.

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