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Power Price Forecasts 90-Day Reports

Electrical power price forecast reports. Enverus 90-day energy price forecasts for electric power and renewables help market participants trade term books, balance of month or quarter-ahead. Predictions are based on seasonal electrical load history, climate indices and weather-affected solar and wind power production.

Longer-term Power Price Forecasts for Analysis and Planning

Get an edge with our 90-day energy price forecasts

Combination of AI, machine learning power price predictions and wind predictions, blended with climate indices for longer-range energy price forecasts.

Enverus 90-day energy price forecasting for power and renewables is performed by taking average load and wind forecasts from short-term outlooks and forecasting price based on climate indices.

  • Energy price forecasts for six major trade hubs: ERCOT North, CAISO SP-15, Mid-C, SPP South, PJM West, MISO Indy
  • Delivers utilities and power market participants access to top-tier unit outage data
  • 90-day price forecasts informed by supply/demand market fundamentals analysis
  • Published every other Wednesday

Enverus’ 90-day power price forecasts with forward curves give the most robust supply/demand view available.

Key 90-day Energy Price Forecast Report Features


Probabilistic decline curve and discounted cash flow analysis for power price forecasting.

Cutting edge deep-learning technology for reliable energy price forecasts.

After 25 years of producing trusted machine-learning load and power price forecasts, we’ve got this down to an art. Now, we’re improving MAPEs with more granular data and stronger computer power with our deep-learning technology.


Use our energy load and price forecasts to inform your plan of attack — or poke holes in our views with your own market analysis. We encourage you to challenge us!

Power price forecast, load and renewable analytics delivered twice daily.

Get powerful energy analytics delivered straight into your inbox. Track day-over-day load and wind generation changes and hourly electrical power price forecasts showing on-peak and off-peak prices.

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Imagine a world with all of your market data sources working together to generate one central source of truth. Simplify energy risk management, renewables and power price forecasting — and do more with your forward curves. 

MarketView Desktop

A lightweight, SaaS-based platform delivering the most robust energy market data on the planet. Customize and share your workspaces.

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MarketView Toolbox

Access entitlements to pricing and trading data seamlessly with the ability to conduct deeper analysis on quantities of data larger than Excel permits.

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MarketView ExcelTools

This live interface gives access to all MarketView energy data and quotes from dynamic languages, greatly reducing end-of-day reporting time.

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MarketView Mobile

Attain market clarity with advanced analytics, charts and multiple interfaces for professional traders, risk managers and analysts.

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Build and publish curves and APIs from thousands of data points with layer upon layer of complex formulae in an easy-to-use visual platform.

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Congestion Analytics
Marginal Unit’s Panorama and MUSE platforms deliver cutting-edge analytics that help users understand the past, present and future of the electricity grid to make better trading decisions.

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ISO & Renewables Load Forecasts

Public load, wind and solar generation forecasts and analysis for North American ISOs delivered twice daily in the interactive PowerBI format.

Benefits of ISO & Renewables Load Forecasts

Demand Response Alerts

Utilize this tool for demand side management and energy cost optimization. PRT e-DR provides alerts for public and private regional peak loads.

Easy to use Demand Response Alerts


Store, monitor and analyze data with a toolbox full of additional features: quality checks, workflow manager and APIs.

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Fused Demand Forecasts

Make better trading decisions and understand the past, present and future of the electricity grid.

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90-Day Power Price Forecasts

Twice-monthly medium-term price forecasts to help market participants trade term books, balance of month or quarter-ahead.

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Project Tracking Analytics

Clean, analytics-ready power and renewables data in an intuitive platform, empowering you to get straight to higher-value analysis and insights.

Enverus Energy Project Tracking Analytics