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Intelligence Solutions
Intelligence Solutions
Intelligence Solutions

Bolster your expertise—when and where you need it.

Technical research, publications and direct access to industry experts that leverage today’s most advanced analytics and technology to deliver independent, third-party insight into oil and gas, power, liquefied natural gas and renewables.

Enverus Intelligence Research, Inc., a subsidiary of Enverus, provides the Enverus Intelligence™ | Research products. See additional disclosures.†

Introducing Enverus Intelligence

Intelligence Solutions


Keep your finger on the pulse of the oil and gas industry with live access to the breaking news items and expert opinions that matter. ​

Follow M&A activity, capital markets, commodities, scout reports and other leading indicators with intelligence curated for E&P, midstream, OFS and investment professionals.

Intelligence Solutions


Deep, technical research and interactive maps on industry topics including investment opportunities, benchmarking, macro trends and basin analytics. ​

Actionable intelligence to help you make more informed investment, operating and strategic decisions.

Provided by Enverus Intelligence Research, Inc.†

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Intelligence Solutions

Analyst Access

Force-multiply your team with direct access to hundreds of subject matter experts, including engineers, financial analysts, geoscientists, data scientists, developers and technologists. 

Leverage tailored, expert intelligence with focused experience in the plays and companies that matter. ​

What can Enverus Intelligence do for you?

Intelligence Solutions
Allocate Capital Effectively and Strategically

Gain a strategic competitive advantage with Enverus’ deep, integrated insight – from rock quality to balance sheet strength, from market structure to competitive upstream, midstream or services positioning. Create opportunities and avoid landmines with our finger-on-the-pulse publications, market-moving research and deep bench of expert analysts.

Intelligence Solutions
Invest with Precision

With access to independent asset-level analytics and capital markets expertise, your team can identify the key indicators that drive investment decisions. Drill into the companies that are leading and lagging in terms of well performance and validate company guidance. Quickly identify the assets that are currently adding value and those with upside potential, assess management’s execution capabilities and measure financial strength. Enverus’ detailed analysis guides our ranking of operators on a risk-adjusted basis. We don’t sell shares or promote financings and therefore have no conflicts when analyzing investment documents. Gain a competitive advantage by utilizing Enverus as your independent intelligence arm. 

Intelligence Solutions
Optimize Productivity and Maximize Returns

Reveal optimal practices, identify new completion and spacing techniques and stay on top of competitor activity through Enverus’ proprietary completions database. Direct industry experience allows Enverus analysts to evaluate the application of new technologies beyond the lab. Gain an unbiased perspective and provide your asset teams with the true intelligence behind play economics.

Intelligence Solutions
Benchmark Performance Against the Industry and Competition

Assess breakevens, best practices and the performance of your competitors to refine strategic planning and growth initiatives. Enverus delivers unparalleled competitive intelligence, incorporating geology, economics, operations and financial data, leveraging more than 500 years of combined industry experience through our team of engineers, geologists and financial analysts dedicated to every major hydrocarbon producing region.

Intelligence Solutions
Focus Your M&A Efforts

Evaluate a company or asset with objective, third-party validation from Enverus. Give your business development (BD) team access to dozens of Enverus analysts with decades of market experience and technical capability. Our unique combination of engineering and financial analysis provides BD teams with deep-dive insight into potential acquisition targets, divestiture opportunities and capital allocation decisions.

Intelligence Solutions
Tell Your Story More Effectively to the Investment Community

Transform the way you communicate with powerful, unique, and proprietary models and graphics capabilities that translate complex information into critical insight. Leverage Enverus’ reputation for accuracy, integrity and reliability to deliver a clear and effective message.

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