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Trading and Risk
byWendi Orlando

Energy trading risk and market volatility derived from the U.S. presidential election are best managed with verified, accurate news and data management

Enverus is delivering secure, validated and intelligent data solutions to commodity trading companies navigating the complex and dramatic impacts of geopolitics — and the current U.S. election — on energy commodity markets.

Will Americans’ decision for the next president of the United States bring headwinds or tailwinds to energy markets around the world? The trading and risk software tools provided by Enverus help commodity traders not just manage, but capitalize, on the volatility that will follow this week’s U.S. presidential election.

With traders and risk analysts monitoring hundreds to thousands of data points throughout the trade days, Enverus solutions like DataManager take in hundreds of energy market data sources and customer data sources, applying rigorous rules and organizing the data such that it can be properly used by trading organizations to settle their positions and know their risks, acting as a key “fact checker” for commodity trading groups.

There is a lot of talk today about building an “intelligent data enterprise,” which will provide visibility, efficiency and the ability to have the information advantage to become a mega profit producing enterprise. This would enable trading organizations to be nimble, quickly exploit new opportunities and beat the competition, especially in volatile times like elections.

Here are three ways that Enverus can help traders drive profitability:

1. Find value out of every molecule that moves through the supply chain

Commodity trading margins are in decline, the market continues to be unpredictable and increased competition is uncontrollable. Therefore, proprietary intelligence via predictive analytics is beginning to thrive throughout trading organizations.

The more data the better so they can maximize and exploit every opportunity that is laid before them, whether supply chain issues, natural disasters which halt production, refinery outages, energy efficiency/renewables, etc.

MarketView Desktop is easy to use and has a plethora of market data, client proprietary data and Enverus fundamental data which provide the variables for traders to visualize trends and make decisions that yield profits for their organization. Today, we can include predictive analytics in MarketView by visualizing price curves calculated for the customer in other Enverus solutions (more on that in a minute).

2. Control your resources by leveraging the public cloud

Companies collect millions of terabytes of data every day. Building an intelligent foundation to move data out of silos and into intelligent usable formats leveraging cloud native technology is a must.

Establishing a data framework with data governance, flexibility, scalability and security is a requirement for every trading organization. Companies must continually innovate or have a technology innovation partner to ensure they stay on the cutting edge of visualizing and executing on trade opportunities.

Enverus’ new web-based CurveBuilder allows traders to make split-second decisions on trade execution.   This tool is easy to use and displays forward curve data (a form of predictive analytics focused on price) in a visually appealing framework.

3. Don’t get left behind the energy transition or energy transformation

Companies and governments around the globe are challenged to deliver more energy while reducing emissions and increasing sustainability. Investing in environmentally friendly products like hydrogen, biofuels, etc. has been extremely fashionable to support battery storage, electric vehicles, wind farms, etc.  As demand surges for clean fuels and investors like low-carbon projects, commodity traders will adapt to new market changes, much like governments, politicians and big oil companies.

Enverus offers comprehensive renewable power market analytics tools, and is quickly moving ahead with expanding its product offering to include GHG and ESG analytics for traditional oil and gas companies and investors that are taking the plunge into the new world order of renewable-focused energy. Investors and traders can also continue to track opportunities in oil and gas markets with sophisticated analytics data for production forecasting and pipeline flow monitoring.

At the end of the day, traders know that energy commodities have the largest impact to everyday human lives. Whether you are driving a car, running electricity in your house or eating dinner with your family, the world will need a healthy mix of renewable and non-renewable resources to support the global supply chain of human activities.

Wendi Orlando

Wendi Orlando

VP of Product Management, Enverus Trading & Risk. Wendi is passionate about taking a “customer-centric” approach to product management which drives business growth and contributes to a successful organization. Wendi is a Houston native with more than 20 years in the energy industry. Prior to joining Enverus, she worked for Occidental Petroleum, Apache Corporation, and Openlink Financial. She has expertise in the entire energy value chain, including producer services, scheduling, trading, and accounting. Additionally, she has deep experience in consulting, product management, go-to-market, and customer satisfaction.

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