Power Intelligence
Power Intelligence
Power Intelligence

Power Intelligence

Powerful forecasting technology

Enverus delivers highly accurate machine learning-based power price, load and generation forecasting services with coverage of wind, solar and hydro-generation. In addition, get long-term power price forecast using supply-demand analysis.


Power Intelligence

Hourly and Sub-Hourly

Online forecasting services across short-term and long-term horizons.

Power Intelligence

Deep Learning

Move into the next generation of AI. Our deep learning technology improves forecasts by increasing the computing power and using more granular data.

Power Intelligence

The Best Weather Forecasts

Our forecasts use a blend of four major weather vendors (IBM WSI, GWC, DTN and MDA) for optimal accuracy.

Power Intelligence

Expert Analytics

Reduce human error with our forecasting technology.

Benefits for your workflow

Forecasting from sub-hourly, hourly, two-weeks, 90-days, to five years out.

Power Intelligence

Load forecasting for all timeframes.

Save time with our 24/7 online load forecasting with hourly and sub-hourly updates. For longer-term planning, use customizable weather forecast simulations and analyze historical load growth/loss trends. Our forecasts help you generate the “what-if” scenarios you need.

Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy.

Power Intelligence

Consistent data reliability.

Our team of power market experts staffed by analysts, deliver highly accurate forecasts. Get continuous monitoring of forecast accuracy, model calibration, and actual generation/weather data from a blend of four major weather service providers.

Top tier renewables coverage.

Power Intelligence

Forecasting wind, solar, and hydro-generation.

Enverus forecasts gives traders the tools to help with directional decision making, assists utilities with balancing assets with their system demand, and allows generation owners the ability to optimize the timing of any necessary maintenance.

Key Features

Power Intelligence

Probabilistic decline curve and discounted cash flow analysis. decline curve and discounted decline

Cutting edge deep-learning technology.

After 25 years of producing trusted machine-learning forecasts, we’ve got this down to an art. Now, we’re improving MAPEs with more granular data and stronger computer power with our deep-learning technology.

Power Intelligence

You can write back to MarketView from Python. Enverus Trading & Risk’s use of machine learning optimizes your market data for the front, middle, and back offices of your trading floor.

Robust load forecast coverage.

We cover major power markets in North America and Europe for load forecasting. In North America, we generate accurate, market-moving renewable power forecasts for solar, wind and hydro.

Power Intelligence

Use our energy forecasts to inform your plan of attack — or poke holes in our views with your own market analysis. We encourage you to challenge us!

Price, load and renewable analytics delivered twice daily.

Get powerful analytics delivered straight into your inbox. Track day-over-day load and wind generation changes and hourly price forecasts showing on-peak and off-peak prices.

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