A Single Source of Truth for Energy Trading & Risk Management

DataManager connects your trade floor to essential energy and commodity trading data. Enverus offers 400+ data sources and is the #1 aggregator of energy market data. We offer globally-sourced energy, commodities, financial and economic data feeds with delivery in real-time, delayed or end-of day to fit your analytical needs.

Here’s How Enverus Delivers Enterprise Data Management to our clients


1,000+ Data Feeds

Market, proprietary and fundamental data delivered in various frequencies throughout the day.


C/ETRM Integration

Seamless connectivity with all data cross-mapped.


Workflow Manager

Complete automation of standard business processes and integration jobs for sharing data with downstream solutions, allowing time for more value-add activities.


Quality Checks

Ability for clients to define and maintain proprietary data validations.

Benefits of Enterprise Data Management

Energy market data delivered when you want it


Get your data in real time, end of day, or intraday. It’s your call.

There’s no one size fits all solution for energy and commodity market data delivery. With DataManager, clients get the data they want, when they want it.

Connect seamlessly to your existing C/ETRM platform


DataManager integration is easy with your C/ETRM platform using pre-built adaptors.

Connect to your C/ETRM platform using on-demand, event-driven, or traditional pull-based methods. All data is cross-mapped and ready for consumption from 1,000s of sources offering market data, forward curves, matrices, or reference data.

Customizable deployment with scalable functionality


Highly configurable data base for individual client use cases.

Enverus leverages standard content, best practices and repeatable processes to delivery customized enterprise data management solutions to our clients. Enverus can configure the database to fit your market space within the energy and commodities industry. We support advanced data reviewing, versioning, monitoring and calendar management within a single solution.

Key Features


Probabilistic decline curve and discounted cash flow analysis. decline curve and discounted decline

Energy and commodity specific data framework

DataManager is built to manage the unique intricacies of the energy and commodities data space. Enverus has inherent logic to ingest, derive and export of data across the enterprise.


You can write back to MarketView from Python. Enverus Trading & Risk’s use of machine learning optimizes your market data for the front, middle, and back offices of your trading floor.

Robust data offerings for comprehensive analytics

Plug in to one of our thousands of data feeds that cover energy, commodities, finance, and economics. We pull data from trusted price reporting agencies, exchanges, government agencies, and other proprietary sources. Get the data you want, when you want it.


Use our energy forecasts to inform your plan of attack–or poke holes in our views with your own market analysis. We encourage you to challenge us!

Strong security and granular audit trails

Risk managers can ensure audit compliance and regulations with strong security and granular audit trails. DataManager allows for role-based security, advanced auditing, and data vendor reporting.

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