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Forward-Thinking Forward Curves for Energy Trading & Risk

CurveBuilder revolutionizes forward curves management for energy trading & risk professionals. Enverus’ CurveBuilder is a powerful solution that allows you to build forward curves from thousands of data points with layer upon layer of complex formulae in an easy-to-use visual platform.

Here’s How Enverus Delivers Curve Building to our clients


Real-time Forward Curves

Automated forward curves delivery to optimize trading decisions.


Access Limitless Data

Engineered to build millions of curves using market, proprietary and fundamental data.


Linear Scaling

Complete visibility into the curve formula details, tenor history and more.


Data Streams for Days

Scalable architecture proven to deliver 10+ million curves daily and at end of day.

Optimize your Curve Workflow

Consume curve data across multiple Enverus platforms


Build and manage millions of forward curves with transparent and traceable formulas.

CurveBuilder utilizes in-memory technology to create real-time snapshots of Trayport, Bloomberg or Refinitiv data for traders to make time-sensitive trading decisions.

Auditing has never been easier for energy analysts


Run P&L, VaR, MtM, and PFE with confidence.

Run your numbers faster and get time back in your day. Create complex curve calculations and perform rigorous data audits. Reliable curve data history can be used to protect clients against loss and assist with mitigating risk.

Consume data across multiple platforms


Improve efficiency and break down silos.

Access curve data via CurveBuilder Platform, MarketView Desktop, Excel Tools, or API. With CurveBuilder, the front, middle, and back offices can share a common set of curves throughout the organization. Minimize risk by having a golden source which can be accessible to all business units within the organization, so everyone is working from the same source of truth.

Key Features


Probabilistic decline curve and discounted cash flow analysis. decline curve and discounted decline

Automated forward curve building and monitoring in a new web-based user interface

Enverus’ new web-based curve builder allows the extensive breadth of curve building with an easy to use interface. The solution provides complete transparency, traceability, automation, monitoring and metrics for curve building in real-time.


You can write back to MarketView from Python. Enverus Trading & Risk’s use of machine learning optimizes your market data for the front, middle, and back offices of your trading floor.

Your compliance officer will be your new best friend

CurveBuilder helps companies connect across responsibilities and will provide the most robust audit trails your floor has ever seen. Find a single source of truth within your trading organization.

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