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Reduce risk in trading decisions with real-time Trading & Risk Tools

Enverus Trading & Risk delivers visual transparency of commodity and energy data. We provide a single source of the truth for market data, public data, as well as proprietary data, so all data can be accessed from the same place without compromising data security. We provide predictive analytics and knowledge to inform trading and risk management decisions.


TR Trading & Risk


Data visualization & analysis via MarketView Desktop, MarketView Excel Tools, MarketView Mobile, MarketView Customer Self-Service Data Hub, and MarketView robust API tools.

TR Trading & Risk


Build and publish curves and APIs from thousands of data points with layer upon layer of complex formulae in an easy-to-use visual platform.

TR Trading & Risk


Store, Monitor and Analysis Data with a tool box of additional features: Quality Checks, Workflow Manager, APIs.

TR Trading & Risk

Power Intelligence

Bring improved accuracy to your power forecasts with AI and machine learning based load, renewables and price forecasts.


Simplify energy risk management and do more with your forward curves through full CurveBuilder to MarketView integration

TR Trading & Risk

CurveBuilder empowers trading and risk professionals to build complex curves in seconds.

Pull in any market data source you want and add thousands of layers of formulas


Imagine a world with all of your market data sources working together to generate one central source of truth. CurveBuilder to MarketView connections will make risk analysis more transparent than ever.

Put our trading and risk tools to work

TR Trading & Risk

Learn more about the power of our Python, API and ExcelTools Plugins for MarketView Desktop.

Enrich your market data with machine learning. Use any data source you desire.


Seamlessly take control of MarketView data with Enverus Trading & Risk's Python Plugin. Access millions of data points to optimize trading strategy in your trading floor's front, middle, and back offices.

Test your forecasts against ours with MarketView® Fundamentals. Predict pricing, flow data, and more from market experts

TR Trading & Risk

Oil and gas forecasts are more integrated with MarketView than ever before.

Access our crude, power, NGL, and natural gas market forecasts


More market data than ever before. Access Enverus forecasts or create your own forecasts using MarketView Fundamentals historical production and scheduling data. Challenge our experts with your own experiences and tap into our energy and commodity market insights.

Key Features of Enverus Trading & Risk Solutions

TR Trading & Risk

We’re generating hundreds of millions of curves a day. Find out more about the data that feeds our forward curves.

Breadth of market data feeding your real-time forward curves

Have you seen the scope of our data offerings?
Whether you’re seeking crude oil pricing in Houston or LNG pricing in Singapore, we have what you need and more. Enverus Trading & Risk delivers real-time commodity prices to generate forward curves with impact. Access endless sources of market data. Forward curve management and monitoring is a breeze with Enverus CurveBuilder. Power users can customize forward curves with layers and layers of formulas. Not so seasoned? Experts will guide you through every step of the process.

TR Trading & Risk

Use our energy forecasts to inform your plan of attack–or poke holes in our views with your own market analysis. We encourage you to challenge us!

Algorithms at your fingertips to power your energy forecasts

Enverus Trading & Risk is stacked with a team of expert market analysts that power MarketView® Fundamentals across crude, natural gas, NGL, and power markets. Our team allows you to be as involved–or uninvolved–as you need to be when shaping opinions on energy markets.

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