How COVID-19 Will Impact Power Loads During Summer Peaks

U.S. power markets have endured a transformative two and a half months as school, business, and some manufacturing closures have swept across the nation due to COVID-19. A little more than two months ago, the PRT team was analyzing the first results of our COVID-19 power load demand destruction models. (I wrote about the challenges […]

Deep Learning Brings Texas-Sized Accuracy to Power Forecast

Machine learning has powered the forecasts of PRT, the Enverus power analytics platform, for more than 25 years. PRT analysts were trailblazers, using machine learning to build more accurate power forecasts in the 1990s. We have now cracked a new code in lowering MAPE (mean absolute percentage error) with deep learning, a powerful new counterpart […]

How Utilities Can Mitigate Price Risk With Enverus Forecasts

Third-party power forecasts are key when ISOs provide inaccurate load projections.   Power market participants in the PJM, a regional transmission organization covering a large swath of the northeastern U.S., may remember Oct. 1, 2019 for the rest of their careers. PJM power traders that relied on their local ISO for load forecasting began the […]

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