Navigating Europe’s Energy Transformation


Europe’s energy market is weathering a storm of transformations. With natural gas inventory at peak levels thanks to a diversified supply chain and falling prices, traders and analysts face an evolving challenge unlike any other.

Don’t Leave Hedging to Wall Street — Energy Clients Are Saving Billions

At a time of market volatility and skyrocketing energy commodity prices, we see more and more clients taking advantage of any opportunity to hedge risks and enhance profitability. For many of our downstream industry clients, this can include hedging risks when it comes to their fuel costs. Recently, Financial Times shared how “four fuel traders […]

MarketView Anywhere Links Remote Energy Traders to Markets

2020 brought on brand new challenges for everybody in the energy industry. Working from home set-ups were particularly challenging for traders and analysts who normally work in close proximity in trade floors. Our director of product management for MarketView, Sven Schoerner, sat down with ComTech Advisory to talk about the benefits MarketView as a data […]

Why Automated Forward Curves Matter to Energy Traders

Forward curves are an integral part of the trading & risk business across the energy industry. In a typical trading & risk organization, you’ll see a few different segments focused on forward curve management. Risk managers watch curves to manage their value at risk Traders evaluate curves to value their profits and losses on a […]

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