Don’t Leave Hedging to Wall Street — Energy Clients Are Saving Billions

Trading and Risk

At a time of market volatility and skyrocketing energy commodity prices, we see more and more clients taking advantage of any opportunity to hedge risks and enhance profitability. For many of our downstream industry clients, this can include hedging risks when it comes to their fuel costs.

Recently, Financial Times shared how “four fuel traders took on Wall Street and saved $1.2bn” through their hedging program in 2022. Surprisingly, according to the article, currently only two major U.S. airlines hedge their fuel exposure. There are 59 airlines in the United States today.

We see numerous companies across many industries that benefit from hedging not only fuel, but additional commodities to keep a ceiling on rising raw material costs from airlines and supermarkets to apparel producers and fueling stations.

Could your business benefit from full visibility into historical commodity data, including commodity prices, drilling rig counts, fundamental analysis by market experts, ad-hoc announcements on big moving parts for supply/demand that impact price forecasts, and forward price curve forecasting tools to mitigate market volatility and save costs?

As the largest single-source market data aggregator of energy and commodity prices, we know our clients need the most reliable and up-to-date information possible to make quick decisions, and ultimately minimize risk and save money.

To learn how industry clients are using Enverus solutions such as MarketView and CurveBuilder to manage, analyze and forecast forward price curves, leveraging more than 500 commodity data providers, reach out to start your free trial today. Complete the form below. You won’t be disappointed!

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