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Outsource mineral owner phone support to save time and money

Give your owners the support they need. Get more time for your land and accounting teams to focus on high-value work.

Call Center Services

Enverus Call Center agents resolve up to 80% of owner, vendor and partner calls – reducing the burden on your staff. Our U.S.-based agents are experienced oil & gas land and accounting professionals, available from 8 am to 5 pm CT, five days a week. Scale support and pay for what you use. We can handle all your calls or supplement your existing staff.

Outsource your print and mail needs


Improve Staff Productivity

Increase Productivity

Free up your land and accounting teams’ time to focus on higher-value work that impacts your bottom line.

Improve Cost Management

Leverage Scalability

Flexible pricing and staffing options mean you can scale up or down depending on changing call volumes.

Easily Ramp Up for Peak Demands

Reduce Call Volumes

Our experienced land and accounting professionals reduce 80% of owner inquiries on the first phone call.

Key features

Reduce support costs

For many operators, running lean is key to efficient and cost-effective operations. Outsourcing owner support is a cost-effective strategy for any operator looking to reduce G&A costs in the business.

Offload support post M&A

Royalty owner networks grow quickly when new assets are acquired. This change increases call volumes and support needs at a time when an operator needs to focus on the internal integration of teams, processes and technology. Outsourcing owner support is an ideal way to navigate this transition while maintaining strong owner relations.

Supplement Existing Staff Quickly

Staffing needs change due to seasonal events like tax season or M&A. It’s difficult to quickly scale when owner call volumes increase. Our agents have the industry background and experience to easily serve as an extension of your existing team. Whether you need full or part-time support, our services make it much easier and less expensive to scale support versus hiring employees.

Utah Gas realizes time and cost davings by outsourcing its Owner Check and Statement Print and Mail Activities

“Outsourcing services is a great way to bring efficiencies to oil & gas accounting teams. Our owner support from Enverus runs like a well-oiled machine. My team is happy.”

Kelly Davis, Controller, Camino Natural Resources

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