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Enverus Certifications

Distinguish yourself amongst your peers or top performers by promoting your Enverus PRISM® expertise and showcasing transformative skills applied across the energy value chain. We are offering a unique opportunity for you to register for our Enverus Certified Specialist in Energy Analytics and Benchmarking or our Enverus Certified Professional in Advanced Analytics and Asset Optimization courses. These courses have been exclusively designed for EVOLVE attendees and will enable you to obtain your certification in half the time during the conference! Elevate your individual professional development with a distinguished certification in the industry’s trusted analytics solution. Stay at the top of the energy expansion for a competitive edge as an individual contributor and as part of a team.  

Enverus Certifications are designed to recognize highly proficient partners within the Enverus PRISM® platform who strive to stay at the cutting edge of technology within their organization and profession. 


12:00 - 4:00 p.m. CT May 7th
*Courses run concurrently.

Enverus Certified Specialist PRISM Energy Analytics & Benchmarking

Specialize in leveraging technological innovations within Enverus PRISM Foundations for multifaceted benchmarking, identifying important trends and leveraging industry insight. Gain a deeper understanding of the entire Enverus PRISM platform in Foundations and how to best synthesize multiple datasets while designing efficient workbooks across the energy spectrum.


Early Bird Rate: $239 (deadline March 7)
Regular Rate: $315

Enverus Certified Professional PRISM Advanced Analytics & Asset Optimization

Advance your knowledge by becoming an Enverus Certified Professional, generating in-depth advanced analytics around asset development, production optimization and evaluation of deals and positions while using the next level capabilities within PRISM Core. Learners will work with detailed models and understand our methodologies for unique workflows around drilling and completion optimization, well evaluation and larger-scale field activity.

Early Bird Rate: $299 (deadline March 7)
Regular Rate: $398

What to Expect

Throughout this program, participants will work through multiple industry use cases and build out a robust library of detailed workbooks that can be leveraged in multiple disciplines. Participants will submit completed workbooks throughout the program. Graduates will receive a specialized and sharable badge and certificate following the successful completion of the certification program. Through continuing education, you can remain current with solution releases and additional validation of your Enverus solution expertise as it relates to daily workflows across your organization. 

Share your certificate and badge on your LinkedIn profile, resume, CV and other documents. 
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There courses will be running concurrently and can be chosen based on your interests or aligned with your current Enverus subscription. For more information regarding your current Enverus subscription, please reach out to your Sales Executive or Principal Consultant. For more information on these courses being offered, please reach out to our Learning & Development team at [email protected]

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