2024 New Energy Horizons: Progress or Pitfalls?


As we enter 2024, the momentum for the energy transition intensifies. The four forces of change (political, investor, consumer and microeconomic) are placing significant pressure on organizations.

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Accounts payable is seen as a value driver by many business leaders. Advances in business automation technology offer automation of the invoice intake, review and reconciliation process, but there is still tremendous opportunity to accelerate this process further. Read to learn more.

Top Lead Generation Strategies for the Burgeoning US Energy Supply Chain (temp)

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The financial transmission rights (FTR) auction process is a financial mechanism used in electricity markets to manage the financial risks associated with the transmission of electricity across the power grid. By participating in FTR auctions, investors can hedge against price volatility and congestion in the transmission network (day-ahead energy market and day-ahead locational marginal price spread), reducing their exposure to financial losses.

Energy Transition Quarterly​

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Gain a quick and comprehensive understanding of the ever-changing energy sector with bite-sized insights from Enverus Research Intelligence® Analysts. Read to learn more.

Renewable Project Siting Guide


The global push for renewable energy is gaining momentum. State governments and ISOs are increasingly setting ambitious renewable energy goals to meet net-zero commitments, attracting significant capital investment.

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