Reliably run end-of-day processes with Modern Commodities data in MarketView

In a rapidly shifting industry like oil and gas, every second spent grappling with data is a potential opportunity loss. Time spent tracking down, gathering and processing a myriad of data sources takes away from time that could be spent on analysis of data trends and pricing, and streamlining your end-of-day processes.  This is why […]

Energy Transition: The Role of Hydrogen Q&A 

Last month, Ian Nieboer from our Enverus Intelligence team teamed up with Tim Hard, Senior Vice President of Energy Transition from Argus, to provide expert insights on the market dynamics of hydrogen, including:  Missed the live discussion? Watch the on-demand webinar to hear all the insights and to learn how Enverus Trading & Risk solutions […]

Lessons in risk management: What we can learn from one trader’s $300M loss


Even multi-national conglomerates can suffer devastating trade losses. In 2019, a subsidiary to a global manufacturing firm was forced to shutter after a single oil derivatives trader racked up more than $300 million in losses when his positions settled prematurely. “Sound and thoroughly enforced” risk management systems are paramount What went wrong on that trade […]

Enverus Learning and Development helps professionals level up job skills

Enverus Blog - Enverus Learning and Development helps professionals level up job skills

Changing environmental attitudes, job engagement, an aging workforce, new technologies … these are just a few things affecting the energy workforce today.   A recent survey of global energy industry recruiters and workers reflects these shifts, indicating their importance for all energy producers, from oil and gas to renewable energy. It’s becoming clear how crucial […]

Enverus Intelligent Connections Reveal a Clear Path to Energy’s Future


Saying the energy industry — an industry accustomed to challenge and change — has been rocked over these past few years is probably an understatement. Pandemics, wars, wildly variable oil futures, rapidly changing energy policies and inflation have quickly increased the complexity of one of the world’s largest, most important industries. As the complexity increases, […]

Don’t Leave Hedging to Wall Street — Energy Clients Are Saving Billions

At a time of market volatility and skyrocketing energy commodity prices, we see more and more clients taking advantage of any opportunity to hedge risks and enhance profitability. For many of our downstream industry clients, this can include hedging risks when it comes to their fuel costs. Recently, Financial Times shared how “four fuel traders […]

Forward Curves, Part 3: How Do Curve Building Tools Work?

In our previous blog, Why Do Traders Need Forward Curves?, we identified some of the challenges that are faced when traders are trying to predict prices in the future. Curve building tools, such as CurveBuilder from Enverus, can automatically calculate and generate forward curves based upon multiple numerical inputs, through a very simple user interface. […]

Forward Curves, Part 2: Why Do Traders Need Forward Curves?

Energy trading companies need to know the current market price for all forward deals that were made on their trading desks so that they can properly evaluate every deal and generate a profit and loss (P&L) report and evaluate their risk exposure. This current market price comes from the forward curve, which is normally owned […]

Forward Curves, Part 1: What Is a Forward Curve?

Storing big quantities of energy products — gas, oil or even electricity — for later consumption is expensive and a logistical nightmare. However, energy consumers and producers have a desire to lock in the price today for energy that they need to use or produce in the future. Therefore, in energy markets, it is common […]

5 Ways Attending the EVOLVE Conference Will Elevate Your Energy Business Strategy

The energy industry is feeling pressure from all sides — from a growing demand for energy diversification and a focus on production levels fueled by geopolitical events, to price inflation driving up costs while investors stand firm on their demand for capital discipline and more free cash flow. The stakes have never been higher than […]

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