June’s energizing insights: Exclusive analyst takes to fuel your success

Enverus Blog - April's energy outlook: Analyst insights you can't miss

As we enter the month of July, it is crucial to evaluate the energy landscape of June and gain a deeper understanding of the trends and advancements that have emerged. Our Enverus Intelligence® | Research (EIR) team has meticulously examined these critical factors and is now ready to provide you with their expert analysis. This […]

Mapping Class V and VI permits | All eyes on storage locations

CCUS has gathered impressive momentum over the past two years as companies seek to exploit the technology’s economic and environmental benefits. In the U.S., the number of Class VI well permit applications for permanent geological CO2 storage surged by 40, or 800%, between May 2021 and May 2023, owing largely to enhancements to the 45Q […]

From promise to plateau | Canada’s challenge to cut GHG emissions

Governments and companies across Canada continue to heavily invest in technological innovation and emissions reduction programs to meet interim and longer-dated targets. The federal government’s ambitious 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan aims to cut oil and gas emissions by 42% below 2019 levels in the next seven years, and methane emissions by 75% below 2012 levels, […]

Hurricanes can bring catastrophe to Gulf of Mexico, but hiccup more likely

About Enverus Intelligence PublicationsEnverus Intelligence Publications presents the news as it happens with impactful, concise articles, cutting through the clutter to deliver timely perspectives and insights on various topics from writers who provide deep context to the energy sector. The summer heat has arrived early for much of the Southern U.S., bringing with it the […]

Energy innovation | Where do we go from here?

No single technology will be a “silver bullet” for meeting global carbon emissions targets — a diverse mix of technologies will be needed to achieve these ambitious goals. What will the future technology mix look like? That will depend on the pace of innovation and subsequent cost improvements for each respective technology.  Highlights from Energy […]

The power of satellite detected flaring


In recent years, the oil and gas industry has witnessed a remarkable shift in focus towards environmental performance, driven by the growing importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. Among the various environmental concerns, reducing flaring has emerged as a key priority for both oil and gas investors and operators in North America. Why […]

EVOLVE Conference 2023: Four takeaways for those that work in energy

In case you missed it, Enverus virtually hosted EVOLVE, our flagship conference, May 16-17. The event included two full days of presentations, panels and keynotes, distilling the most relevant data and thoughts on the industry today.  Below Andrew Gillick, managing director and energy sector strategist at Enverus Intelligence Research, breaks down four key takeaways from the […]

How to capitalize on refinancing


In the current landscape of heightened environmental and social consciousness, upstream oil and gas companies face significant challenges in achieving favorable refinancing for their existing credit facilities. These challenges are compounded by the recent volatility in the debt markets and instability in commodity prices, making it even harder for CFO and treasury teams to find […]

Unprecedented wildfire season singes Alberta oil production


Wildfires that have already scorched more than double the average annual fire destruction across Alberta forced the shut-in of more than 300,000 boe/d while threatening future shuttering of output from the so-far largely unaffected oil sands region. Record temperatures saw 92 active wildfires, 28 of which were out of control as of May 17, forcing […]

CCUS | Risky business? 


CO2 containment risk has become one of the most popular topics among our clients evaluating CCUS projects. Operators need to understand and evaluate subsurface features that could trigger CO2 migration and containment losses as well as introduce additional safety, reputational and financial risks. These considerations are also important aspects of the Class VI application process […]

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