Analyst takes: 11 energy trends you should know about in 2023

Enverus Blog - Analyst takes - 11 energy trends you should know about in 2023

With the first month of 2023 almost in the books, we wanted to take a moment to look back at some of the key analyst takes on energy trends published by our Enverus Intelligence® | Research (EIR) team at the end of 2022, so you can confidently assess how they may affect your business decisions going […]

Simplify mineral management and maximize revenue with the right technology solutions

Enverus Blog - Simplify Mineral Management and Maximize Revenue With the Right Technology Solutions

Oil and gas operating companies and non-ops — mineral, royalty and working interest owners — are two sides of the same coin. In the digital age, non-ops need to be just as data and software savvy as E&Ps, but technology innovation has historically focused on operators. However, there is good news for non-ops. With Enverus’ […]

Permian’s Potential Multibillion Dollar Bonanza: Direct Lithium Extraction

In North America, increasing demand for electric vehicles and energy storage systems is driving a need for a reliable and sustainable source of lithium. Direct lithium extraction (DLE) could help meet this demand by providing a domestic source of lithium, reducing the need for imports and improving energy security in the region. Additionally, by using […]

3 Key Efficiency Metrics for Enhanced Operations With Enverus PRISM® Activity Analytics

Understanding the timing of each stage of preproduction, known as efficiency metrics, is imperative for having confidence in forecasting cycle times of operators and service companies. This helps ensure equipment is fully utilized and groups know what’s needed for each development phase. To decipher efficiency metrics, it’s necessary to create a complete picture of what […]

Permit to First Production: Optimize the Many Stages of Pre-Production

Unlike the energy industry’s pre-pandemic growth, today’s market is focused on lean operations, asset optimization and sourcing reserves as efficiently as possible. The current oil and gas development landscape presents many pitfalls and abundant opportunities, making it imperative to do more than merely “get ahead of the bit.” Investors and operators need visibility into oilfield […]

Insulation From Price Inflation: 2 Operating Strategies Realize Same Positive Outcome

Cost inflation impacts everyone. But for operating companies that aren’t strangers to volatility and adversity, there are opportunities for strong performance despite rising prices. In the Nov. 15 Enverus Intelligence®| Research Morning Energy article, Andrew Gillick explores the factors impacting company valuations. Cost inflation and rising rates are two factors affecting investing decisions, but inflation […]

Crypto Mining’s Growing Role in Power Markets

Crypto mining is gaining dominance in the U.S., where more than a third of miners worldwide are centralized. For Bitcoin, network power demand is in the range of 10-15 gigawatts per day, which translates to roughly 0.4-0.9% of annual global use. Miners are looking to situate operations in areas where they can source low-cost electricity […]

Workflows to Forecast Higher Minerals Profits

As a royalty and minerals investor, your financial outlook is only as good as the underlying production forecasts that consider decline curves and expected commodity prices. You need a high fidelity forecast to acquire, expand and divest at the best (defensible) price. Absent accurate forecasts, interest owners are left with difficult questions to answer, such […]

Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage: Finding Opportunities in an Emerging Market

The current state of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is dominated by the supermajors and large midstream companies who can afford to absorb risks in this emerging market. CCUS project developers are forging ahead without the typical commitments between an oil and gas producer and midstream pipeline developer. And, as we argued in our […]

Energy Market Growth and Production: 3 Trends You Need To Know

Operators and oilfield service companies need to keep pace with the volatile and rapidly evolving energy industry. However, if you are relying solely on public filings to make investment decisions or anticipate future activity, you’re shortchanging yourself. Public data often lags by three months and can be inaccurately reported. If you consider the state of […]