Remaining inventory winners and losers: A refreshed view

The North American play-level inventory rankings are in, and there’s been some shakeups. After almost a year since the last publication by Enverus Intelligence Research (EIR), the remaining inventory by play has seen some movement on the leaderboards. While EIR made minimal revisions to the quantity of remaining locations, quality fell across the board. Cost […]

The future of CCUS: Key opportunities and challenges in commercializing large-scale projects

Enverus Press Release - Breaking down the CCUS basins

Panel discussion with CCUS experts from Enverus EVOLVE Conference Introduction CCUS offers a promising solution to curb greenhouse gas emissions by capturing CO2 from industrial sources and power plants and storing it underground. CCUS has gained significant attention in recent years, and the business potential of CCUS has sparked interest in various industries and in […]

How to stay on top in a hot M&A market – Tips for small & mid-sized operators


Texas summers aren’t the only thing breaking heat records right now – the M&A market saw some big deals in 2Q23. According to the Enverus Intelligence Upstream M&A Review, more than $24 billion transacted from about 20 deals for an average deal size of over $1 billion through the quarter. This peak was driven by […]

Direct lithium extraction could be key to unlocking domestic supply


With the IEA’s projection of a 1,300%-5,100% increase in lithium demand by 2040 because of the growing battery market for electric vehicles and power storage, lithium spot prices have surged nearly eightfold since 2020 to $35,000 per tonne of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE). High lithium demand and high prices have caused a land grab in […]

Analyst takes: Top energy shifts to be aware of in August

Enverus Blog - 4 steps to confidently forecast remaining drilling inventory

As August commences, it’s the perfect time to examine last month’s energy landscape. The Enverus Intelligence® | Research (EIR) team has studied the essential trends and developments, offering perceptive analyst opinions that can support sound business decision-making. By remaining current, you’ll be poised to benefit from prospective energy opportunities in 2023. Explore further to gain […]

June’s energizing insights: Exclusive analyst takes to fuel your success

Enverus Blog - April's energy outlook: Analyst insights you can't miss

As we enter the month of July, it is crucial to evaluate the energy landscape of June and gain a deeper understanding of the trends and advancements that have emerged. Our Enverus Intelligence® | Research (EIR) team has meticulously examined these critical factors and is now ready to provide you with their expert analysis. This […]

Mapping Class V and VI permits | All eyes on storage locations

CCUS has gathered impressive momentum over the past two years as companies seek to exploit the technology’s economic and environmental benefits. In the U.S., the number of Class VI well permit applications for permanent geological CO2 storage surged by 40, or 800%, between May 2021 and May 2023, owing largely to enhancements to the 45Q […]

From promise to plateau | Canada’s challenge to cut GHG emissions

Governments and companies across Canada continue to heavily invest in technological innovation and emissions reduction programs to meet interim and longer-dated targets. The federal government’s ambitious 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan aims to cut oil and gas emissions by 42% below 2019 levels in the next seven years, and methane emissions by 75% below 2012 levels, […]

Hurricanes can bring catastrophe to Gulf of Mexico, but hiccup more likely

About Enverus Intelligence PublicationsEnverus Intelligence Publications presents the news as it happens with impactful, concise articles, cutting through the clutter to deliver timely perspectives and insights on various topics from writers who provide deep context to the energy sector. The summer heat has arrived early for much of the Southern U.S., bringing with it the […]

Energy innovation | Where do we go from here?

No single technology will be a “silver bullet” for meeting global carbon emissions targets — a diverse mix of technologies will be needed to achieve these ambitious goals. What will the future technology mix look like? That will depend on the pace of innovation and subsequent cost improvements for each respective technology.  Highlights from Energy […]

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