Increase visibility and efficiency with OpenTicket Mobile digital field ticketing software

Enverus Blog - Increase visibility and efficiency with OpenTicket Mobile digital field ticketing software

In the face of ongoing cost inflation and economic uncertainty, operators are under increasing pressure to demonstrate efficiencies and fiscal discipline. For operations and accounts payable teams, reviewing and approving high volumes of field tickets continues to be a major source of inefficiency. Field supervisors are particularly overwhelmed by the number of tickets they need […]

Achieve lean, efficient oil and gas operations in 2023

Enverus Blog - SPARK 2022 Recap

Challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, complex new energy policies and historic levels of inflation have created challenging conditions for oil and gas companies over the past two years. There is mounting pressure on E&Ps to produce in more efficient and environmentally sound ways, without sacrificing bottom line performance, even as […]

Simplify mineral management and maximize revenue with the right technology solutions

Enverus Blog - Simplify Mineral Management and Maximize Revenue With the Right Technology Solutions

Oil and gas operating companies and non-ops — mineral, royalty and working interest owners — are two sides of the same coin. In the digital age, non-ops need to be just as data and software savvy as E&Ps, but technology innovation has historically focused on operators. However, there is good news for non-ops. With Enverus’ […]

3 ways source-to-pay suites enhance oil and gas supply chain management

The past two years have taught us that without supply chain, our world seemingly falls apart. Supply chain permeates every facet of our lives. Whether it’s for appliances we store our foods in or medicine for our children. It’s no different for energy — from sourcing services, equipment and materials for oil and gas to […]

Purchase Order Automation: End Project Delays & Overspending

Purchase order automation has the power to relieve oil and gas operators and OFS companies of many headaches in the procure-to-pay process. Energy companies continue to manage the procurement process using tedious, manual workflows that result in the same issues over and over — limited visibility to accounting teams on committed spend, duplicate invoices and payments, delayed payment to suppliers, manual verification and matching of documents, to name a few.

Digitalizing Source-to-Pay Key To Maximizing Time and Cost Savings in Operations

Speaker giving presentation on scientific business conference

How Enverus Source-to-Pay innovation is helping operators make big leaps toward total operating efficiency Colin Westmoreland, Enverus’ chief innovation officer, spoke at our SPARK 2022 conference in August. During his “Innovation Acceleration: Source-to-Pay” keynote, Westmoreland discussed how the complexity of the energy industry requires a comprehensive, connected Source-to-Pay platform — and how Enverus is bringing […]

5 Essential Source-to-Pay Process Automations for Oil & Gas Operators

Leveraging advances in oil and gas software to digitalize and automate your source-to-pay process is essential if you want to keep projects running on time and on budget while ensuring optimal performance across business functions. In fact, source-to-pay process automation plays a key role in helping operators overcome common challenges such as inaccurate coding, insufficient […]

How Source-to-Pay Helps Manage Asset Lifecycle and Make Better Sourcing Decisions

So, let’s recap. Back in August, we discussed Phase 1 of the asset lifecycle, “Evaluate & Acquire,” where you benchmark future inventory and forecast existing well performance using insights. Next up was Phase 2, “Design & Develop,” which allows you to run simulations and understand the asset’s impact from different variables on productivity, using historical […]

Enverus Intelligent Connections Reveal a Clear Path to Energy’s Future

Saying the energy industry — an industry accustomed to challenge and change — has been rocked over these past few years is probably an understatement. Pandemics, wars, wildly variable oil futures, rapidly changing energy policies and inflation have quickly increased the complexity of one of the world’s largest, most important industries. As the complexity increases, […]

Back Office Automation Tools for Oilfield Services Companies

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Being a supplier in the oil and gas business is hard. You must ride the cycle of boom and bust, differentiate yourself in an incredibly competitive market and make sure your financial fundamentals are sound. It’s not for the faint of heart, and there is no guarantee of success. More than half the suppliers that […]