Enverus Intelligent Connections Reveal a Clear Path to Energy’s Future

Saying the energy industry — an industry accustomed to challenge and change — has been rocked over these past few years is probably an understatement. Pandemics, wars, wildly variable oil futures, rapidly changing energy policies and inflation have quickly increased the complexity of one of the world’s largest, most important industries. As the complexity increases, […]

Back Office Automation Tools for Oilfield Services Companies

Engineer using tablet near oil refinery at night.

Being a supplier in the oil and gas business is hard. You must ride the cycle of boom and bust, differentiate yourself in an incredibly competitive market and make sure your financial fundamentals are sound. It’s not for the faint of heart, and there is no guarantee of success. More than half the suppliers that […]

5 Reasons To Attend SPARK 2022

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2022 is on course to be an exceptional year for oil and gas. Exceptional, for the flurry of geopolitical events shaping the market. Exceptional, for the spectacular turn of events from 2020 – one of the industry’s most challenging years to date. But if 20+ years serving oil and gas has taught us anything, it […]

Still Managing Operations On Paper? You’re Doing It Wrong

Keeping projects running on time is critical for optimal performance. While tracking these projects for cost management purposes isn’t the exciting part of an operating venture, documenting the work correctly is critical to ensure budgets and timelines are met.  We will wager if you look at this documentation process in your own operations, you’re likely […]

5 Ways Attending the EVOLVE Conference Will Elevate Your Energy Business Strategy

The energy industry is feeling pressure from all sides — from a growing demand for energy diversification and a focus on production levels fueled by geopolitical events, to price inflation driving up costs while investors stand firm on their demand for capital discipline and more free cash flow. The stakes have never been higher than […]

Ramp Up Efficiency in Drilling and Completions Operations

An interview with Pioneer Natural Resources Pioneer Natural Resources (PNR), an operating company with assets in the Permian, is constantly striving to find new ways to drive efficiency in its operations and capital management. Automatic field ticket approvals are one way the company saves significant time with field operations. By integrating Enverus OpenTicket with WellView […]

Outsourced Mineral Owner Support Drives Efficiency for Operators

An interview with Camino Natural Resources, LLC and GeoSouthern Energy Corporation   The energy industry is cyclical — the price of oil, supply and demand and M&A activity … all ebb and flow. It’s crucial your company equips itself to maintain business continuity during ups and downs, seasonal events (hello 1099s!), M&As or divestitures. One […]

Increase Visibility and Efficiency With OpenTicket Mobile

Since its 2016 launch, OpenTicket, which works seamlessly with OpenInvoice, has been instrumental in eliminating paper in the oilfield. By managing e-ticketing and invoicing on the same platform, operators shorten and streamline the service-to-invoice process, reducing mistakes and duplicate tickets and invoices. Currently, OpenTicket is used by more than 90 operators, with 7,500 suppliers submitting […]

Put an End to Project Delays and Overspending

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein Energy companies continue to manage the procurement process using tedious, manual workflows that result in the same issues over and over — limited visibility to accounting teams on committed spend, duplicate invoices and payments, delayed payment to suppliers, […]

Automation and Operations Excellence in Energy: Five Things You Should Know


“In five years, the invoice as we know it today won’t exist.” This is just one example of the many thought-provoking statements presented during the 2021 SPARK Conference. Since its inception, the SPARK Conference’s driving purpose has been to help energy professionals navigate present and potential future challenges with thought leadership focused on process automation, […]