Increase Visibility and Efficiency With OpenTicket Mobile

Since its 2016 launch, OpenTicket, which works seamlessly with OpenInvoice, has been instrumental in eliminating paper in the oilfield. By managing e-ticketing and invoicing on the same platform, operators shorten and streamline the service-to-invoice process, reducing mistakes and duplicate tickets and invoices. Currently, OpenTicket is used by more than 90 operators, with 7,500 suppliers submitting […]

Automation and Operations Excellence in Energy: Five Things You Should Know


“In five years, the invoice as we know it today won’t exist.” This is just one example of the many thought-provoking statements presented during the 2021 SPARK Conference. Since its inception, the SPARK Conference’s driving purpose has been to help energy professionals navigate present and potential future challenges with thought leadership focused on process automation, […]

Enverus Knowledge Hub: On-Demand Energy Insights

In the rapidly evolving energy industry, staying on top of market trends can be complex and overwhelming. As difficult as it is to stay up to speed with so many moving pieces, having a comprehensive view of the energy market is critical to making the best business decisions. Now, there’s a way to stay plugged into energy […]

Enverus 2021 Free Virtual SPARK Conference: Top 5 Reasons to Attend

The energy sector’s focus has shifted significantly over the last two years. And while our industry is no stranger to change, we find ourselves in uncharted waters with the growing importance of ESG (environmental, social and governance) initiatives and a lingering global pandemic. Since its inception, the driving purpose of the SPARK Conference is to […]

Blow Up Your Supply Chain. It Will Increase Profits.

Request Info To meet the demands of ESG and increase incremental margins, it’s time for the energy industry to shift its view of the supply chain as a tactical, reactive organization to one of strategic value. After all, the supply chain offers significant white space to improve process and cost efficiency with digitization and automation. […]

Natural Gas Flaring

No one drills a natural gas well just to burn their investment.  On the other hand, an oil well is drilled for the more profitable liquid hydrocarbon while the associated natural gas is often flared to prevent a financial loss, especially in areas that lack the necessary infrastructure to move, store, process, and market natural […]

Modernizing Mineral Rights Management: Automating Oil & Gas Accounting Data Delivery

Managing thousands of mineral and royalty investments creates never ending oil and gas accounting complexity. Your mineral rights management team is inundated with monthly revenue statements from dozens, or hundreds, of different operating companies, each with unique reporting standards. Assuming you own mineral interests in 1,000 wells, operated by 40 different producers, with three to […]

Modernizing Mineral Rights Management

How technology is revolutionizing specialty asset management in banking A large and growing market of mineral interest owners relies on banks and trust departments to manage their assets. Banks and the highly-personalized services they provide have been a cornerstone of specialty asset management since the beginning of the oil and gas industry, helping family offices […]

How Operators Using OPIS Fuel Rack Prices Can Cut Costs


Oil and gas operators are having a decent year so far, price-wise, with WTI lately hovering near $70/bbl. Who could imagine prices were nearly $100 lower in April 2020? Despite the healthier margins for operators, the lessons learned from 2020’s dramatic decline in oil prices will not be forgotten. Oil and gas operators continue to […]

Source-To-Pay: Why It’s Essential for Efficient, Fiscally Smart Oil & Gas Operations

Click the image to explore the interactive guide to Source-To-Pay Best Practices. Request Info Market conditions and increased pressure from Wall Street make strategic sourcing and increased efficiency more vital than ever before. The announcement made at last year’s SPARK Conference that Enverus plans to build a complete end-to-end source-to-pay solution that will revolutionize the […]