Launches LiensDirect™, a Streamlined Lien Research and Lead Generation Solution


Houston, Texas (October 6, 2020) — announces the launch of LiensDirect, a streamlined solution to identify individuals and companies who have recently had county or federal liens filed against them. 

LiensDirect offers a comprehensive solution for lien searches and business lead generation. The tool automatically searches and analyzes all lien filings in county clerk offices across Texas and New Mexico, then transforms them into meaningful business leads to be easily imported into any CRM system. Users receive timely, automated lien reports based on the criteria they input, eliminating the need to perform manual searches across multiple sources. What’s more, key data points are extracted and delivered along with each document so that users no longer have to outsource data extraction and entry. Finally, with an all-inclusive, annual billing model, LiensDirect does away with the expenses that accumulate from purchasing multiple reports for each lien search. 

Attorneys, tax professionals, marketers and investors all depend on timely access to county-wide lien filings — but obtaining this information can be expensive and inefficient. Query restrictions and outdated data often lead users to perform the same searches across multiple sites for the latest lien records, each of which must be purchased before they can view the information within. In many cases, users must also pay for third-party services to manually extract key data from the lien records before they can add it to their CRM platforms. All too often, this content yields no relevant information on the people or companies being researched, and the process must begin again. From paralegals and marketers searching for new leads to attorneys seeking new clients, these redundant steps and added expenses can prove costly — particularly as businesses adjust to tightening financial conditions.

According to Director of Data Acquisition and Enhancement Silas Martin, lien research has long been a pain point for legal professionals, which inspired his team to create an innovative solution: “Finding the liens you needed used to be cumbersome, time-consuming, and above all, expensive. We developed LiensDirect to save our users the time and cost of searching multiple sources for a single lien record. LiensDirect gives people a convenient way to spend less time searching for lien information and more time putting it to work for their business.”

For more than 35 years, has delivered rapid, accurate access to courthouse information through a searchable database of county records. LiensDirect is the latest in a series of online solutions that save users time and money finding the records they need the first time around.

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About provides legal record search products and services. Since 1982, we have offered the nation’s largest and most comprehensive repository of courthouse documents online. Our searchable database includes public and real property records for more than 1,000 counties across the United States. We provide easy information access with flexible pricing and extensive data coverage. We also offer research, consulting, training, and GIS mapping services. makes it easy for any professional to find the exact property information they need. was acquired by Enverus in 2020. 

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