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Enverus is the global leader in oil & gas intelligence, bringing you actionable insights on leases, rigs, permits, and more. Stop waiting for time-sensitive information that could cost you business.

Oilfield Services

Customize Leads

Match opportunities to your business and stop chasing down the wrong deals

Oilfield Services

Automate Monitoring

Set it and forget tools keep you ahead of trends and opportunities with minimal effort

Oilfield Services

Know your Market Share

Understand where you stand among your peers and how to improve

Oilfield Services

Leverage the Best Data

Showing up to rigs that are not there anymore? Rely on Enverus to get you there every time

Oilfield Services

Benchmark the Competition

Understand the “why” behind your performance and how it compares to your peers

Oilfield Services

Communicate Better

Create custom scouting reports to communicate findings from the field to the corporate office

Oilfield Services Use Cases

Oilfield Services

Our friends at Enverus have contributed by dramatically improving the speed and quality of vital information flows to decision makers and team members, including personnel at RockPile. Their new mobile app is a fantastic example of that rapid innovation. We’re delighted to work with these guys. They’re like us.

Howard Rough
VP of Marketing and Sales, RockPile Energy Services



OFS Premier

Take your analysis to the next level with oil & gas production, completion, and economic insights for strategic high-value analysis, forecasting, and decision making.

Includes all OFS Essentials capabilities plus:


  • Understand production trends with access to oil and gas production volumes and well header information
  • Run probabilistic decline curve analysis for identified individual wells or for a custom-built type curve
  • Examine lease activity in future areas of interest to discover opportunities
  • Combine well level and completion data to achieve a complete story of a well's life cycle
  • Filter to a specific well and view the associated well logs, directional surveys, and casing design in a single place
  • Optional access to advanced modules for engineering, well logs, play assessment, analytics, and geographical data
  • Operator breakeven prices by basin


  • Nationwide historical production and allocated Texas production
  • Nationwide completion and cleaned Frac Focus data
  • Nationwide leasing data
  • Well logs & directional surveys

OFS Essentials

Rig, permit, and leasing activity, custom alerts, and production data in one platform.

Mobile & Web

  • Monitor activity with nationwide rig GPS locations, daily permit updates, and leasing and permit heat maps
  • Find active rigs efficiently with turn-by-turn directions to over 98% of active drilling rigs
  • Set custom email or mobile app alerts for rig and permit activity in specific areas of interest with Virtual Scout
  • See the location of different operator DUCs to know which wells will come on line first
  • Access Operator and Driller contact information at your fingertips
  • Scout competitive intel and share notes with colleagues


  • Shareable reports available in PDF, Excel, mobile
  • Forecast supply and PDP with well-level allocated production data with the Operator breakeven leaderboard
  • Permit activity report
  • Rig activity report
  • Operator activity by city


For those in the field needing quick access to basic rig and permit data.


  • Nationwide rig activity to understand who is drilling and where
  • Nationwide daily permits for visibility into future activity


  • PDF | Mobile
  • Permit activity report
  • Rig activity report

Add these capabilities to any Essentials or Premier plan!

  • Rig Analytics: Quantify competitors’ logistical efficiencies of rig movements, track drilled but uncompleted wells, and understand driller operator relationships and market share.
  • Engineering Explorer: Visualize granular engineering data for 370,000 wells across the U.S.
  • Chem Analytics: Understand who is supplying different types of chemicals and where.
  • Excel tools: Automatically populate Excel models with the most up-to-date oil & gas data, ensuring analysis is always accurate.
  • ProdCast: Conduct in-depth fundamental market analysis and production forecasts.
  • Company Acreage: Understand acreage as reported by Operators.
  • Infrastructure Data Sets: In-depth analysis and identification of active and planned infrastructure including pipelines, processing facilities, compressor stations, terminals, refineries, and petrochemical facilities.
  • Refrac Analytics: Maximize production, value assets and companies, identify the best locations for future refracs, and conduct competitive analysis.
  • M&A Database: Stay current on market values of energy assets, active operators, deals for sale, transactions, and other real-time market trends.
  • Play Assessments: Project-ready, analytics-grade intelligence about reservoirs and play areas.


OFS leaders use Enverus to keep themselves ahead the competition and proactively optimize their business

Oilfield Services

Drillinginfo Web App

All the oil & gas intelligence and cutting-edge tools you need to stay competitive in a single platform

Oilfield Services

Enverus Mobile App

Take Enverus intelligence with you on the road, and always stay informed

Oilfield Services

Rig Analytics

Track over 95% of the U.S. rig fleet on a daily basis

Oilfield Services

Engineering Explorer

Visualize and analyze the most detailed completion and production data

Oilfield Services

Refrac Analysis

Your step-by-step guide to the best refracs

Oilfield Services


In-depth market fundamental analysis and production forecasts

Oilfield Services

Chem Analytics

Understand the techniques used to complete, refrac, and operate the best-producing wells

Oilfield Services

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