Fast-Track Mineral Ownership Research

Enverus helps you find the best investment opportunity and allocate resources more efficiently


Mineral Valuation and Title Research Has Never Been this Easy

Access industry-leading analytics and data sets, including:

  • Simplify Your Title Research
    Find comprehensive indexed digital records to identify and verify mineral ownership in minutes from the comfort of your computer.

  • Identify Opportunities Faster
    Get ahead of the competition with the most competitive coverage available. View mineral owners’ and operators’ interests, wells and production to understand your net revenue interest.

  • Enhance Efficiency
    Focus on opportunities and negotiations instead of wasting time searching for information

  • Track and Evaluate Mineral Ownership
    Understand the mineral interests associated with specific APIs or mineral owners.

  • Visualize Mineral Interests
    Geospatially locate and understand net mineral acres in an interactive map. Identify Investment Opportunities

Why Industry Peers Trust Enverus

Comprehensive coverage

Search for Title in over 150 Texas and New Mexico counties, with continually expanding coverage.

Quickly search 20+ million mineral ownership records to pinpoint prospects, link decimals to well-level production and monitor permits, rigs and DUCs from a web-based map

Depth and Scope of Data Sets

Get title records for all counties back to sovereignty, indexed using property descriptions; search by abstract, survey, section, lot or block to find all relevant property records.

Dedicated Partner

Enverus provides easy to use platforms to enable anyone search title and conduct mineral evaluation from the comfort of their computer.

Find the Best Opportunities with Enverus

Buy and sell with confidence


Reduce title research time


Buy and sell with confidence

  • Rapidly map, find and identify the most valuable mineral, royalty and working interest opportunities in Texas, spanning major basins from the Permian and Eagle Ford to the Barnett and Haynesville Shales

  • Download a copy of the Texas Mineral Appraisal Spec Sheet

Reduce title research time

  • Save time traveling to and from the courthouses to search through antiquated records. Run accurate searches in minutes, straight from your desktop.

  • Download a copy of the Courthouse 3.0 Spec Sheet

Learn more about how Enverus is making title research and mineral ownership evaluation easy

Get More Details on How to Identify Opportunities Ahead of Competition

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