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Power more precise operational analysis, market predictions and business results with a blend of real-time data instead of relying on lagged public data or the oilfield rumor mill.



Make better future decisions with access to current and historical activity data

Improve Operational Efficiency

Access real-time, accurate and consistent oilfield activity to improve operations through tracking current and future activity, monitoring frac hits, benchmarking cycle times and evaluating drilling metrics.

Get Ahead of Rig & Frac Crew Activity

Early activity detention is crucial for getting ahead of the competition. Obtain a holistic view of oilfield services activity in one platform to monitor areas of interest, identify customers sooner and increase revenue.

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Improve Operational Efficiency

Access real-time, accurate and consistent oilfield activity to improve operations through tracking current and future activity, monitoring frac hits, benchmarking cycle times and evaluating drilling metrics.

Operator disclosures lack information which has resulted in surprise pressure communications. The inability to prepare for these events can be a huge safety concern. Activity Analytics allows me to get me closer to a full understanding of what is happening in the space and nearby my wells.

Texas-based operator

Improved drilling planning and efficiency

Confirm nearby activity to avoid frac hits

Choose the right service partners

Mitigate costly operational risk

Insight into nearby activity improves operations

Identify future activity in your area of interest for insight to competitor activity and informed development cycles. Get ahead of market challenges such as:

Figure | Satellite and radar detection images of crews on site.

Labor shortages


Production forecasting


Permits are readily available in the public domain but are not a reliable indication of planned activity. Often, permits are filed and never developed. With satellite detection of crews on site, you can identify which sites will be drilled or completed.

DUC inventory

DUC inventory is a key metric that offers insights on future activity levels. It is critical to know if an operator is sticking to a typical development cycle or holding DUCs for inventory to be able to forecast future trends. In today’s market, this is where optimization comes into play, as burning DUC inventory depends on labor availability, pricing and economic trends. During the pandemic, we observed operators following through on drilling commitments and completing rig contracts, but not bringing frac crews on site to convert the DUCs.

Satellite detection

Satellite detection lets us know with greater certainty when production is coming online. Activity Analytics uses machine learning algorithms to scour satellite imagery for the movement of the dozens of vehicles that herald the arrival of a crew. We can know with certainty by correlating expected crew movement with radar, which lights up the metal of the activity on site.

Compare operational efficiency to competitors

Quickly and easily benchmark operational efficiency against peers to build investor trust and identify areas to improve operational costs.

Figure | Rig efficiency metrics through time in the Midland Basin.
  • Leverage more accurate permit to spud, rig days on location, rig release and completion through first production metrics to evaluate efficiency at every stage.
  • Analyze different pad drilling scenarios to make more informed decisions on contract negotiations with service providers.
  • Hold offset operators accountable and mitigate lost production from frac hits by monitoring offset activity in near-real time.

Cycle time metrics

Cycle time metrics can be difficult to evaluate due to inconsistencies in reporting from spud, drill days and completions activities. Especially with pad drilling, there may be gaps between events, resulting in misleading efficiency metrics. Evaluate the order of events at the well and interval level to inform development schedules and negotiate contracts with service providers by truly understanding where the rigs and crews are and for how long it takes to complete each drilling event.

Historical rig activity

Historical rig activity can be used to benchmark different operator and service providers’ efficiency and drilling timelines. Monitor if rigs are spending less days on location, increasing their footage per day through time. Enverus uses GPS tracking on more than 90% of Lower 48 onshore rigs to see all active rigs, as well as track historical rig activity.

Frac hits

Savvy operators can also use frac fleet movement detection to be proactive in their well neighborhood by shutting in wells to avoid frac hits and plan their development schedules efficiently.

Get Ahead of Rig & Frac Crew Activity

In a very competitive and saturated market, early activity detection is crucial for getting ahead of the competition. Obtain a holistic view of oilfield activity in one platform and be in the right place at the right time.

By using these new technologies, we can get ahead of the puck and go where our customers are headed, not chase them to where they are today

Pressure Pumper

Identify Rigs Closer to Your Yard

Monitor competitor market share

Identify the highest ROI opportunities

Monitor territory for market needs

Where is activity today versus last year?

Figure | Images of frac crew and pad detection trends.
  • Analyze historical activity levels to predict future activity in your area of interest.

  • The oilfield services industry is constantly evolving, and understanding active and historical trends around frac crew and rig activity is critical to winning business and gaining an edge on the competition.

Pad detection

Pad detection is the first step in the activity lifecycle. By looking at pad detection rather than permits, you can see when and where capital is truly allocated rather than taking an educated guess on which permits will be drilled. This is realized through satellite imagery of known well spots to identify pads and detect development on the pads before regulatory filings.

Active and historic rigs

Active and historic rigs are identified through proprietary GPS units to provide a near real-time look into activity, tracked back to March 2014. With daily tracking you can easily see rigs over time by operator or contractor to better forecast your business and where new opportunities lie.

Active and historic frac crews

Active and historic frac crews are the next step in the Enverus activity tracking solution. Using near real-time satellite imagery, you can see not only where frac crews are today but where they’ve been to complete a holistic picture of completion activity in any basin.

Cycle times

Cycle times are essential in putting all of this together. Permit to spud, spud to completion and completion to production. We gather all the data and instantly analyze to determine where you fall in your client’s cycle.

How can I see the rig equipment used on drilling sites?

Gain a deeper market share understanding by identifying the rigs in which your equipment and your competitors is being used.

Figure | Shaleshaker by contractor analysis in the Central Basin platform.

View the technology and equipment utilized by drilling contractors across North America for competitor benchmarking.

  • Identify areas to focus your sales efforts.
  • Determine competitor market share and understand where you can differentiate.
  • Have the right number of inventory based on future activity trends and replacement needs.

Access rig data on 120+ attributes for:

  • Well control
  • Power generation
  • Mud system/solids control
  • Operating equipment
  • Rotating/traveling system

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