California Dreamin’ | Long-Term LCFS Price Forecast


Renewable fuel uptake has surged in California in recent years, contributing to a 141% increase in the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credit bank surplus and resulting in a drop in credit prices from ~$185/tonne to $75/tonne from 2019 through 2023.

Data Center Demand | Framing the Frenzy 


One of the most common and important questions for the power sector today is what impact artificial intelligence and the data centers needed to generate it will have on energy consumption.

Energy Transition Today | U.S. Emissions Stocktake


As the world debated the complexities of achieving net zero at last year’s COP28, regulatory pressures continued to increase in the U.S as the EPA announced its final Quad O rules aimed at sharply reducing methane emissions.

Winners and Losers in Midwest CO2 Sequestration


There has been a battle for CO2 in the Midwest with two major CO2 pipeline projects, Navigator Heartland Greenway and Summit Carbon Solutions, looking to capitalize on the 45Q PTC by targeting the low capture cost CO2 emissions from the fermentation process of ethanol.

Evaluating Energy in the New World Order

Enverus Press Release - Blue hydrogen: Greening the bottom line

In a world where energy value can make up a small portion of the revenue stream from emerging business models, what else is at play? Enverus Intelligence Research® views effective energy transition business as taking advantage of two key additive revenue streams.

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