Energy Transition

Quantifying Texas’s CCUS Dominance I Carbon Innovation

bySmayan Sharma

The Inflation Reduction Act spurred a surge of project announcements and developments on the molecules side of the energy transition, creating numerous opportunities for capital deployment. Texas’ dominance in this nascent landscape is evident, and Enverus Foundations™ – Carbon Innovation quantifies this by providing centralized access and daily updates to more than 3,000 global energy transition projects.

Some 85% of CCUS projects are still pre-operational, but a massive wave of development is on the horizon. By 2030, Enverus Intelligence Research expects 700 projects to launch, adding 1.2 Gtpa of capacity and opening doors for new collaborations. The U.S. is at the forefront, commanding 42% of global capacity. Texas alone holds a staggering 494 mtpa, accounting for 46% of the nation’s storage and 45% of its capture capacity. Texas further capitalizes on CCUS infrastructure by planning to produce 4.2 mtpa of blue hydrogen, representing 58% of U.S. planned blue hydrogen production.

Highlights from Energy Transition Research

Subsurface Innovation 4Q23 | Geothermal Glow, Carbon Control – Subsurface Innovation continues to evolve rapidly. To help navigate the landscape, Enverus Intelligence Research tracks all announcements in the space from partnerships, project announcements, changes in regulation and policy, research and development, funding and more.

Prism Signal | Black Mountain Energy Storage Portfolio Sale: Low-Income Adders Drive Value – Grid storage developer Black Mountain Energy recently announced a 1.07 GW/2.14 GWh, seven-project battery energy storage system portfolio in ERCOT is up for sale. The portfolio includes two projects in North Central, two in West, two in Coast and one in the Far West load zones of ERCOT. Four batteries reside within energy communities that qualify for an additional 10% tax credit, boosting the value of a portfolio of development assets with a clear line of sight to commercial operation.

Battery Storage Screening | Benchmarking Prime Development Regions – This report ranks the most attractive regions for battery storage developers looking to enter or expand in the U.S. market.

Data centers, bitcoin mining and electrifying the oil field represent just a few examples of the burgeoning large loads reshaping our energy landscape. Tune into our webinar as we dig into the nuances of our power demand forecast:”

Picture of Smayan Sharma

Smayan Sharma

Smayan joined Enverus in September 2023 as part of the Energy Transition Intelligence team.He is working towards earning a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Alberta. At Enverus he analyses the evolution of all components across the clean hydrogen value chain.

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The Inflation Reduction Act spurred a surge of project announcements and developments on the molecules side of the energy transition, creating numerous opportunities for capital deployment.

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