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Data Centers at the Crossroads: Key Themes Reshaping Energy Dynamics

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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
12:00 PM | Central Time

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In this presentation, we delve into the intricate dance between molecules, electrons and the evolving landscape of energy demand. Data centers, bitcoin mining and electrifying the oil field represent just a few examples of the burgeoning large loads reshaping our energy landscape. These emerging demands signal an inflection point, driving us towards a future where power requirements are unprecedented in scale and significance. While the call for reliability, security and emissions reduction grows louder, gas-fired power generation remains a stalwart. However, the path forward necessitates the integration of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies, offering a glimpse into a more sustainable future.


Energy sits at the center of every discussion in almost every sector. Gas producers, midstreamers, power developers and investors are all trying to figure out how they are going to capitalize on the increasing power demand theme. Join us as we dig into the nuances of our power demand forecast, heeding caution to hyped up headline numbers and unravel the economic intricacies of CCS deployment that will be required for increased gas-fired power generation.


Data Center Demand | Load Impact Imminent – Dig into a Lower 48-level view on expected growth in data center capacity and associated power demand.




Riley Prescott

Enverus Intelligence Research, Analyst

As an analyst on the Energy Transition Research team at Enverus, Riley is the lead on power demand forecasting and electrification themes. Riley has previous experience working at Alberta Electric System Operator within the forecasting and analytics team. His education is in economics and environmental science at the University of Calgary with a focus on industrial organization and statistics.


Jeff Jen

Enverus Intelligence Research, Analyst

Jeffery joined Enverus Intelligence Research (EIR) in 2023 as a senior associate on the Subsurface Innovation team, part of EIR's Energy Transition Research. He focuses on emerging energy and carbon innovation technologies, drawing on his industry experience and personal passion for emerging technologies to build connections between the needs of customers and subsurface developments. Jeffrey's recent work involved building economic models for CO2 transportation and CO2 use cases to provide economic insights on the entire CCS value chain. He previously worked at TC Energy as a field engineer and in pipeline integrity.

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