Evaluating Energy in the New World Order


In a world where energy value can make up a small portion of the revenue stream from emerging business models, what else is at play? Enverus Intelligence Research® views effective energy transition business as taking advantage of two key additive revenue streams.

DOE Hydrogen Hub Winners 


Each hub developed a unique hydrogen production strategy that was chosen to best utilize the regionally available resources such as renewable energy type and quality, nuclear availability, existing infrastructure and carbon sequestration basin viability.

In Pursuit of Profit: Unveiling Winners and Losers of the Energy Transition


The shift away from hydrocarbons and towards renewable and low-carbon technologies is not only changing the way we power our lives, but also offers a wealth of investment opportunities for those who can decipher the complex landscape. Traditional institutional investors looking to gain a competitive edge in this sector need a single source of truth […]

ESG efforts paying off as U.S. emissions drop 


Emission intensities in the U.S. upstream sector dropped by 15% since 2020, based on the latest 2022 EPA FLIGHT data released in early October. Absolute annual emissions fell from 97.2 to 88.5 million metric tonnes (Mt) CO2e over the same period, mainly driven by decreases in venting and flaring emissions.  Enverus Intelligence Research© (EIR) attributes […]

Flaring volumes spike in the Permian 

Enverus Blog - 6 reasons to attend Enverus’ 2023 EVOLVE Conference

Satellite-detected flaring data for the Permian shows volumes increased by 22% in the 12 months through September, with July rates nearing the three-year highs last seen in December 2022. Flaring rates in the Midland went up to 1.7x that of the Delaware from May to July, with several upstream operators recording sharp increases during those […]

Navigating California’s Behind the Meter Revolution

Enverus Blog - Energy Transition Today: EPA jumpstarts EV uptake

Behind the meter (BTM) solar is a key factor in decreasing load in CAISO, especially in California where it has the most impact on annual demand. The state’s potential for nearly 195 GW of rooftop solar capacity exists, although its full realization is unlikely. The implementation of new building codes mandating rooftop solar installations is […]

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