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Leveraging Advanced Machine Learning to Predict Power Project Success

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Thursday, March 21, 2024
10:00 AM | Central Time

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This webinar was originally recorded on March 21st, 2024
Are your business development efforts aligned with projects poised for success, or are you chasing projects destined to stall in the pipeline? With less than 10% of queued power projects expected to go online, ensuring your focus is on the right opportunities is crucial.
Join us for an exclusive webinar introducing our latest enhancement to help business developers identify high-probability projects. Project Probability in Enverus Power & Renewables Project Tracking leverages proprietary machine learning models to provide continuously updated project completion probabilities.
What you will get from this webinar:


  • An understanding of the key factors that influence project success within the interconnection queue and the factors that differentiate Enverus’ probability estimates
  • How Enverus is helping M&A teams risk developer portfolios, determine appropriate M&A multiples and develop an edge over other bidders for queue positions
  • Insights into the current state of the interconnection queue and where we expect the most queued positions to progress to construction
  • Understanding how Project Probability empowers business developers to pinpoint projects with the highest likelihood of success and how users can then identify key stakeholders on projects
  • Know how to harness additional Enverus datasets to gain deeper business development insights


Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights into how Project Probability in P&R Project Tracking Analytics can help you and your business development teams identify the most promising projects and forge strategic partnerships with winning developers.



Ryan Luther

Director, Intelligence at Enverus

Ryan joined Enverus (RS Energy) in 2016 after graduating with distinction from the University of Victoria and earning a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a business minor specializing in finance. Ryan leads the Intelligence team’s Power & Renewables research using advanced analytics and valuations to provide actionable insights to clients.


Emma Saavedra

Principal Consultant

Located in Denver, Colorado, Emma joined Enverus in April 2023. As a Principal Consultant on the Power and Renewables team, Emma brings a wealth of expertise and passion to her work in the dynamic field of renewable energy. Her dedication to streamlining processes and leveraging data analytics through Enverus solutions helps equip professionals with the skills they need to optimize their renewable energy assets.

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