Save time with touchless invoicing for oil and gas

  • Increase efficiency with automatic invoice coding validation and approval
  • Focus on budget analysis and cost control
  • Capture more early pay discounts

Most invoices in oil & gas are low value

Invoices in OpenInvoice
worth less than $1,000
0 %
Invoices in OpenInvoice
worth less than $5,000
0 %

What is touchless invoicing?

Touchless invoicing with OpenInvoice automates invoice coding validation and approvals, reducing the number of manual touchpoints in the AP process. Any invoice under a specific amount specified by the operator is auto-approved, significantly reducing the AP processing burden.

Introducing Enverus Intelligence

Do More In Less Time

Automatic invoicing coding validation and approvals remove manual touchpoints from your approval process, speeding up the entire invoice approval cycle.

Focus On High Value Work

Reducing the need for manual approvals gives you more time back to focus on high-value work like budget analysis and cost control.

Reduce Processing Error

Coding validation between OpenTicket and OpenInvoice before auto-approval ensures your invoice has accurate information when it goes to your ERP for payment.

“we’ve fully automated 40% of our monthly invoice approvals, which saves us 40-50 hours per week – the equivalent of one full-time employee’s hours.”

– Candace Jaramillo, AP Supervisor, Discovery Natural Resources

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