Working From Home For the Holidays – Tips for Risk Analysts

As most risk analysts know, it’s difficult to truly observe a local holiday at home when your company does international trade deals with countries all over the world. It’s scarcely any different for those of us who work in the business of distributing, collecting, or analyzing market data. The imports, exports, and pipeline flows you […]

Learn What It Means to Democratize Forward Curve Generation

Does your trade floor have a separation of powers? Our Enverus team members focused on trading and risk always attend the Energy Trading Risk Summit to soak in the thinking and logic of risk analysts. It’s inspiring and fascinating to see the lengths risk managers will go to protect data integrity and implement mitigation strategies. […]

Chum Salmon Operations, La Nina Bullish for 2020 BPA Hydro

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Columbia River System is most known for marketing the power in one of the world’s largest hydroelectric systems, but that’s not all. Since the passage of the 1980 Northwest Power Planning and Conservation Act, BPA is responsible for supporting fish and wildlife conservation programs. In early October water levels are […]

When Oil Prices Stabilize, Find New Arbitrages with Better Data

For the oil traders who feed off volatile price movement and market inefficiencies to make profits, the past few months have been a bit of a drag. After the first half of 2020, which was the most volatile period of many crude traders’ careers, the third quarter brought oil merchants a calm, range bound WTI […]

Battling Blackouts with Accurate Renewable Power Forecasting

Enverus Blog_Trading and Risk

As a professional power market forecaster, you better believe that I hate to see instances of rolling power blackouts. Americans from California to New York are experiencing power interruptions this summer, which brings on loads of new market risks to individual consumers and businesses alike. Thankfully, the latest scare in California was manageable for utilities […]

Revived Market Volatility Changes Everything for Risk Analysts

The world is transforming before our eyes. New market realities at play for energy risk managers were unthinkable before the emergence of COVID-19 and risk management has never been more important to energy and commodity traders. From 2020 onward, the people who analyze price risk will throw away their old playbooks. Risk analysts must push […]

Risk Analysts Take Note—High Oil Market Volatility is Here to Stay

2020 has been quite a roller coaster ride—and it’s not even halfway over yet. To be sure, in recent weeks WTI crude reached a little bit of oil price stability compared to what we have been experiencing. But by no means is market volatility in the rearview mirror. In fact, the kind of volatility WTI […]

How COVID-19 Will Impact Power Loads During Summer Peaks

U.S. power markets have endured a transformative two and a half months as school, business, and some manufacturing closures have swept across the nation due to COVID-19. A little more than two months ago, the PRT team was analyzing the first results of our COVID-19 power load demand destruction models. (I wrote about the challenges […]

MarketView Anywhere Links Remote Energy Traders to Markets

2020 brought on brand new challenges for everybody in the energy industry. Working from home set-ups were particularly challenging for traders and analysts who normally work in close proximity in trade floors. Our director of product management for MarketView, Sven Schoerner, sat down with ComTech Advisory to talk about the benefits MarketView as a data […]

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