Oilfield Services Metrics to Grow Market Share and Find Opportunities

Graphic that shows risk profile provided by OpenInsights analyst team

Part 2: How to uncover opportunities with data analysis The first article of this series discusses the importance of detailed days sales outstanding (DSO) analysis and correlation to revenue generated for streamlined business processes, improved cost savings, and more informed strategy adjustments. This second article shows how leveraging your internal financial data with Enverus oil […]

Why DSO Matters for Better Cash Flow Management-Metrics for Oilfield Services

Graphic showing five key components of DSO

As the oil & gas industry reels from historically low prices, standard operating procedures no longer apply. With a global pandemic and uncertainty around the ability of the global oil industry to manage supply, the industry is between a rock and a hard place. Oilfield services (OFS) is the sub-segment in the industry most sensitive […]