Permit to First Production: Optimize the Many Stages of Pre-Production

Unlike the energy industry’s pre-pandemic growth, today’s market is focused on lean operations, asset optimization and sourcing reserves as efficiently as possible. The current oil and gas development landscape presents many pitfalls and abundant opportunities, making it imperative to do more than merely “get ahead of the bit.” Investors and operators need visibility into oilfield […]

Energy Market Growth and Production: 3 Trends You Need To Know

Operators and oilfield service companies need to keep pace with the volatile and rapidly evolving energy industry. However, if you are relying solely on public filings to make investment decisions or anticipate future activity, you’re shortchanging yourself. Public data often lags by three months and can be inaccurately reported. If you consider the state of […]


It is time for Pad Drilling 2.0, the next iteration in a developmental drilling practice that has transformed how the oil and gas industry accesses tight formation hydrocarbons. Pad drilling version 1.0, or the drilling of multiple wells from a single surface site, played a linch-pin role in opening up capital-intensive tight formation oil plays […]

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