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Geoscience Analytics Access

Enverus’ NEW integrated solution for subsurface data, analytics, and insights.

Accessing the data

  • Grids (multiple formats in WGS84 & NAD27)
  • Shapefiles (play boundaries, grid geodatabase)
  • Tops and Control Points
  • Petrophysics and Map Descriptions
  • Transform Project Files
  • LAS (raw, Essentials, Essentials Plus, Petrophysics, Advanced)
  • Tops
  • Reservoir Characterization Table
  • Integrated Workflows
  • and more…
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Why Enverus Geoscience Analytics

Strategic Partner

Our collaborative efforts extend to being a strategic partner alongside our clients. Consider our Geoscience Analytics team an extension of your own


Technology & Innovation

Enverus is the leading industry provider in technology development that delivers transformative innovation to the market. Our team leverages data science to automate, scale and enhance our geological analysis and interpretations. Our in-house G&G software Transform is continuously improving and fully integrated with Prism


Intellectual Capital

Our Geoscience Analytics team has experience and expertise within the industry, data science/analytics, and technology development, which combined can provide unmatched subsurface intellectual capital to our internal organization as well as to our customers

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