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A Comprehensive Guide to the Permian’s Central Basin Platform, Featuring Subsurface information, Regional Facts & Statistics

Central Basin Platform Overview

In many ways, the Central Basin Platform has been the backbone of Permian Basin production for a century.  The following sections provide details about the Central Basin Platform’s production capacity, major geological structures, market activity, and regional population.

What is the central basin platform?

The Central Basin Platform (CBP) is a shallow subsurface structure located in west Texas and a portion of southeastern New Mexico.  It sits in the heart of the Permian, between the Delaware and Midland Basins.  With its long history of production, about 45% of the total barrels produced to-date in the Permian have come from the Central Basin Platform.

While not as aerially extensive as the Midland or Delaware Basins at 6,400 square miles, migrated oil from the basins charged the shallow carbonate reservoirs to create prolific, albeit localized, conventional fields along the Platform’s edges, many of which have transitioned to secondary and tertiary recovery.  Operators are now looking to bring the latest horizontal drilling and completion technologies to this area.

What natural resources are in the central basin platform?

In addition to its vast oil and gas reservoirs, there are a wide variety of subsurface natural resources in the Central Basin Platform region, including major sylvite formations that yield a steady supply of potassium salts (potash), a byproduct of which is rock salt.  Given the high water cut in some Central Basin Platform formations, produced water is a valuable natural resource that operators must treat and reinject or recycle for use in hydraulic fracturing or even irrigation.

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