2024 New Energy Horizons: Progress or Pitfalls? – Content Download

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2024 New Energy Horizons: Progress or Pitfalls? The Energy Landscape is Rapidly Changing. External Pressures are Intensifying. Download Ebook Political shifts are targeting climate objectives. Investor behavior is changing due to heightened climate awareness. Consumer preferences are moving towards energy use as electrons, not heat. Microeconomic dynamics are heightening the competitiveness of supply alternatives. These […]

Cortex Workbench Account Updates – Handraiser


Cortex Workbench Account Updates We’ve been making updates to our product offerings and are excited to share that your Cortex Workbench subscription is now ready to move to our updated platform, SupplierLink. SupplierLink is your new updated system for all invoicing and ticketing needs. The platform includes new automation tools that help you get paid faster […]

OFS – Oilfield Services Suite

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Optimize Your Field Operations With Oilfield Services Suite Oilfield Services Suite (OSS) allows field service providers to create, review and submit digital field tickets for faster approval and submission – right from the job site. Say goodbye to paper tickets and experience significantly lower days sales outstanding (DSO) with digital field tickets. OSS also works […]

OFS – SupplierLink

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Accelerate Invoice and Ticket Workflows With SupplierLink SupplierLink automates the seamless import of invoices and tickets from your accounting system into OpenInvoice®, eliminating double entry and accelerating operator payments. Eliminate hours of monthly overhead costs and obtain deeper visibility into approvals and payment status to decrease days sales outstanding (DSO). Get Started Benefits of Our […]

Watch Digitalizing Processes with Supplierlink Get Paid Faster

Watch: Get Paid Faster Revolutionize your invoice processes with SupplierLink. Say goodbye to time-consuming duplicates and errors as SupplierLink streamlines your invoicing, ensuring swift and accurate processing. Seamlessly integrate with your accounting solutions for a smooth workflow, while empowering your business decisions with insightful dashboards. Enjoy anytime access to inboxes and effortlessly handle larger attachments. Ready […]

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