2024 New Energy Horizons: Progress or Pitfalls?

The Energy Landscape is Rapidly Changing. External Pressures are Intensifying.

Political shifts are targeting climate objectives.

Investor behavior is changing due to heightened climate awareness.

Consumer preferences are moving towards energy use as electrons, not heat.

Microeconomic dynamics are heightening the competitiveness of supply alternatives.

These forces are challenging conventional energy strategies, demanding novel ideas and adaptation.

The Solution Starts Here.

Participation in this transition is not a choice, it’s a necessity. Amidst the reshaping of regulatory terrain and financial incentives – such as the IRA’s Excess Methane Emissions Fee, EPA’s Super-Emitter Program, Canada’s ‘Faster and Further’ Methane Strategy, Global Methane Pledge, Climate Action 100+, Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, Pathways Alliance and billions of dollars in incentives – we are facing a momentous shift. For businesses, inaction is the riskiest decision of all. 

What’s Inside

    • Low carbon technologies and topics: Explore the significant U.S. emissions reduction, regional strategies for the prolific DOE hydrogen hubs, the expansion and investment uncertainties in the clean hydrogen sector, and the impact of Quad O regulations on marginal wells.
    • Subsurface innovations: Understand the advancements in energy technologies spanning across various domains, including CCUS, direct lithium extraction, geothermal systems, helium and natural hydrogen. Additionally, evaluate the significance of Class VI permits in the growth of CCUS, particularly in Louisiana, North Dakota and Wyoming.

    • Power assets & markets: Delve into the solar industry’s cost challenges and technological advancements, the risks associated with power project development, and the complications from market mechanism changes in Texas’s energy grid. You will also discover the volatile nature of residential solar investment and the strategic benefits of upgrading aging onshore wind farms to meet future renewable energy demands, highlighting the nuanced interplay between market forces and renewable energy expansion.

    • Electrification: The global boom in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles is accelerating advances in battery technology.

Embrace the Inevitable Transition

We are in the midst of an unprecedented transformation in the energy industry, and this comprehensive guide will help you succeed through whatever challenges may arise. 
Stay ahead of unprecedented changes. Be decisive. Adapt and adopt. The future of energy starts here. 

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