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2024 New Energy Horizons: Progress or Pitfalls

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Thursday, February 1, 2024
11:00 AM | Central Time

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This webinar was originally recorded on February 1st, 2024


Don’t let “energy transition” be triggering! Whether you prefer “energy addition” or “new energies,” join the Enverus Intelligence® | Research team as we take a look at the year ahead and uncover the implications of the diverse technologies within this sphere of coverage.


  • Will updates to the interconnection queue process make meaningful progress in wait times and success rates for project developers?
  • Is the decimation of offshore wind the canary in the coal mine for other energy transition technologies and inflationary pressure?
  • Are emissions evolving into governance issues as they cross into the domain of the SEC and IRS?
  • As the commercialization horse race progresses for energy transition technologies, which will be expedited or thwarted from more policy clarity?
  • Will 2024 be a breakout year or a year of disappointment for technologies like CCUS, hydrogen, direct air capture, and direct lithium extraction?


Whether you’re an investor looking for opportunity at the margin, a capital allocator in traditional oil and gas trying to establish an energy transition strategy or a company merely trying to keep a pulse on this rapidly changing market, this is must-see content.



Morgan Kwan

Director, Energy Transition Research

Morgan joined Enverus in May 2016 and brought four years of office and field experience from working at Encana (now Ovintiv). Morgan graduated from Western University with a degree in chemical engineering. A professional engineer, Morgan is a senior vice president on the Global Intelligence team, leading our Canadian asset coverage as well as contributing to the Oil Macro team to help craft our global supply-side narrative. In addition, Morgan works closely with the international sales and marketing groups to help coordinate and direct our efforts. She is based in Calgary. Areas of expertise: engineering & financial analysis, Canadian oil and gas production, macro oil. Morgan has spoken at numerous industry conferences.


Carson Kearl

Senior Associate Energy Transition Research

As an associate on the Energy Transition Research team at Enverus, Carson is the lead analyst on EVs and critical minerals. He was previously part of the macro team at Enverus and has experience in power at a private consulting firm. He studied economics at the University of Alberta, focusing on industrial organization and macroeconomics.

*About Enverus Intelligence®| Research
Enverus Intelligence® | Research, Inc. (EIR) is a subsidiary of Enverus that publishes energy-sector research focused on the oil, natural gas, power and renewable industries. EIR publishes reports including asset and company valuations, resource assessments, technical evaluations, and macro-economic forecasts and helps make intelligent connections for energy industry participants, service companies, and capital providers worldwide. EIR is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as a foreign investment adviser. See additional disclosures here.

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