Rethinking ESG: Enverus Releases Analytics Empowering Industry and Investors to See the Unseen

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Austin, Texas (January 26, 2021) — Enverus, the leading energy SaaS company, has released ESG Analytics, an objective, accurate and transparent evaluation standard for environmental, social and governance (ESG) benchmarks and scoring for the energy industry.

As the topic of ESG evolves, much like the energy industry itself, there are opportunities to rethink ESG. Wall Street is sending a clear message that ESG performance will be a fundamental input into its investment process. The investor community is pushing operators to disclose details related to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, diversity and inclusion, and other corporate governance initiatives in a more responsible way. The challenge that both the energy industry and investment community have faced is that current ESG rankings are created by generalists, with too much subjectivity, in ways that are over-reliant on public and self-reported data, and without creating meaningful comparative analytics. That is, until now.

For more than two decades, Enverus has cultivated both public and proprietary energy data to create industry-leading analytics and insights for its 6,000 customers. Enverus’ ESG Analytics lets users track emissions intensity, flaring rates, land use and water use via satellite-enabled proprietary analytics alongside industry-leading data related to production and economics. ESG Analytics users can also track the “S” and “G” elements, including pay disparity and diversity, allowing operators to benchmark themselves holistically against their peers, and giving investors the objective, verifiable data necessary to rank investments for the first time.

Enverus is in a unique position to not only create a first-of-its-kind objective scoring system, but to also combine ESG Analytics with operational and economic performance, empowering a complete end-to-end solution for all market participants.

“Just like a consumer’s credit score, preferred rates and terms will be granted to those who both show value and are deemed quantifiable leaders in environmental practices,” said Jeff Hughes, CEO of Enverus. “Objectivity, accuracy and transparency are key, and we bring all three of those elements to conversations around ESG and the future of operator valuations.”

“Corporate incentives have shifted away from production and reserve growth to living within cash flow along with a cleaner energy story,” said Manuj Nikhanj, president of Enverus. “ESG will remain in the spotlight for decades to come and we are leading on multiple fronts with this new standard. It is poised to fundamentally change how operators and investors interact.”

Enverus’ new solution will sit within Enverus Prism™, the company’s hallmark single technology platform.

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