Enverus Plugs Power & Renewables Intelligence Gap With New Software Suite

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Austin, Texas (June 2, 2021) — Enverus, the leading global energy data analytics and SaaS technology company, released today its initial suite of solutions for the Power & Renewables market. Built on a foundation of the most comprehensive data and analytics capabilities available, these products enable project and infrastructure tracking with full source documents, investment benchmarking, load, generation, congestion, price forecasts, valuations and more.

Until now, tracking, trading, interpreting, valuing and predicting the rapid change occurring in the Power & Renewables market was a challenge because of the lack of clean, high-quality data and siloed products. With Enverus’ solution suite for Power & Renewables, companies have the technology to work from the same datasets and benchmark the entire energy mix in a single platform. The result is significant time savings and better capital allocation decisions, while maintaining a clearer, more holistic picture of the industry.

“Governments, industry and societies all over the world continue to press for reduced carbon emissions and increased renewable energy use. To make this a reality, they need accurate and reliable data that helps them make rational, actionable decisions,” said Manuj Nikhanj, president of Enverus. “It is more important than ever to quickly and confidently respond with unbiased data-driven analysis and world-class research.”

Enverus has invested both organically and through acquisitions to create an unprecedented, comprehensive Power & Renewables offering that parallels our world-class offerings in oil and gas. Our initial platform release includes more than 27,000 solar projects, 15,000 wind projects, 3,000 battery/storage locations, 8,500 smart grid inputs, 13,000 transmission projects, 43,500 substations and 9,000 companies, all inside a single custom-built platform. Whether a user is seeking historical data to assess the profitability of a new power project opportunity, or they are a seasoned power trader utilizing various financial instruments, Enverus supplies essential data and analytics covering the Power & Renewables space.

In addition to our platform, Enverus is releasing its Intelligence suite that includes daily, weekly and monthly reports that help traders, investors and analysts make critical investment and trading decisions. By leveraging our hundreds of research analysts, data scientists, engineers, traders and economists, we will continue to build an offering that covers commercial, asset and macro insights in the Power & Renewables space that are data driven and unmatched by anyone in the industry.

Enverus’ December 2017 acquisition of Pattern Recognition Technology (PRT), a 25-year-old business, paved the way for short-term power demand and price forecasts to the electric, gas, solar and wind markets. In March 2021, the acquisition of Energy Acuity increased the company’s view into electrification, grid demands and renewable energy and the massive growth in power generation and power delivery market data. As investment into a growing Power & Renewables market accelerates so has Enverus’ coverage of power market data.

For more information, visit: https://future.enverus.com/power-renewables.

About Enverus
Enverus is the leading energy SaaS company delivering highly-technical insights and predictive/prescriptive analytics that empower customers to make decisions that increase profit. Enverus’ innovative technologies drive production and investment strategies, enable best practices for energy and commodity trading and risk management, and reduce costs through automated processes across critical business functions. Enverus is a strategic partner to more than 6,000 customers in 50 countries. Enverus is a portfolio company of Genstar Capital. Learn more at Enverus.com.



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