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Managing the Energy Market | Covid-19 and THE OIL PRICE DROP

Objective insights and market intelligence

Managing the Energy Market | Covid-19 AND THE OIL PRICE DROP

Objective insights and market intelligence

Enverus analysts provide data-driven intelligence to the energy market. Below you will find comprehensive insights and timely perspectives from expert analysts that closely follow the energy sector’s most critical topics, including lower global oil prices, COVID-19 impacts to demand, supply cuts, oil & gas production outlooks, and more.


View the real-time stock performance based on every operating well in North America and ‘hover’ over well spots to reveal additional details on a particular asset.

Together, Enverus and RS Energy Group provide unmatched data-driven insight into the energy market during this difficult time. Watch Jimmy Fortuna, Chief Product Officer, Enverus, explain how we are here for the industry.

Webinars: Through an Analyst’s Lens

With the ongoing pandemic, global crude demand has dropped by nearly 33%. To tackle this, E&P companies must pare costs, which has led to an unprecedented drop in drilling and completion activity. Watch now

Covid-19: Power Demand Destruction & Summer Load View (5/20/2020)
Using our new model that accurately measures COVID-19 demand destruction and weather-normalized impacts, we’ve homed in on ISO load forecasting. Watch now

During the recent crisis, the primary focus has been on public E&Ps as they have seen their share prices hit, slashed capex, and addressed liquidity concerns. Watch now

Finding Opportunity Using Expiring Acreage (5/13/2020)
Watch our latest webinar where we will discuss how you can find opportunities by using expiring acreage. Watch now

Enverus and B3 examine market expectations for the Permian Basin and what the path to recovery will look like. Watch now

Maximize the Value Of Business Automation: New Ways To Lower Costs, Maintain Business Continuity, and Create Profit (4/30/2020)
While the world adjusts to working in these current times, those of us in oil & gas understand volatility is a reality in our business. Watch now

Between a Rock and a Hard Place – How to Climb Out Unscathed (4/23/2020)
With continued uncertainties around the global oil markets due to COVID-19, Enverus and RS Energy Group (RSEG) are keeping a close eye on the impact on oil supply and demand. Watch now

Watch our presentation on demand covering price sensitivity of U.S. crude production, WTI price outlooks and infrastructure updates. Watch now

Power trading liquidity has fallen amid the uncertainty around Covid-19. Our PRT power market analysts looked for ways to display the growing demand destruction using machine learning technology. View webinar replay here.

With current social-distancing and other safety and cost-saving protocols being put into place, business as usual is getting harder each week. View webinar replay here.

The Economics Behind $30 Oil (3/2020)
Enverus and RS Energy Group analysts do a deep dive into the supply and demand drivers behind the latest oil free fall. In this two-part series, hear from leading economists and analysts on what happened and what’s next for the industry.
Webinar 1: COVID-19 and Global Oil Demand
Webinar 2: COVID-19 and Global Oil Supply

Intelligence: Virtual Energy Analysts

Enverus and RS Energy Group provide your go-to virtual energy analysts. Here you can view original market research on the OPEC and Russia price war, Saudia Arabia’s next steps and how we can compare this downturn to the last. Find exclusive market intelligence, delivered straight to your computer.

U.S. and European Gas Market Dynamics and Volatility in Price (7/20/2020) U.S. and European gas market dynamics contributed to gas price volatility in both markets over the past four months. Mild winter weather in both regions boosted storage surpluses early in the season. Read More

Charting the Future of the Largest Oil Companies (7/13/2020) Very large energy firms such as Exxon Mobil and Chevron are usually resilient to volatile commodity price cycles compared to their smaller rivals, but the so-called supermajors are far from immune to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

Revived Market Volatility Changes Everything for Risk Analysts (7/8/2020) The world is transforming before our eyes. New market realities at play for energy risk managers were unthinkable before the emergence of COVID-19 and risk management has never been more important to energy and commodity traders. Read More

Oilfield Services Metrics to Grow Market Share and Find Opportunities (7/1/2020) The first article of this series discusses the importance of detailed days sales outstanding (DSO) analysis and correlation to revenue generated for streamlined business processes, improved cost savings, and more informed strategy adjustments. Read More

Why DSO Matters for Better Cash Flow Management-Metrics for Oilfield Services (7/1/2020) As the oil & gas industry reels from historically low prices, standard operating procedures no longer apply. With a global pandemic and uncertainty around the ability of the global oil industry to manage supply, the industry is between a rock and a hard place. Read More

Delaware Basin – Where Down Is Up for Some Producers (6/29/2020) As operators grapple with low oil prices and look for ways to reduce well costs, a deflationary trend is emerging across almost all North American basins. In the Delaware Basin, one of the most active L48 unconventional plays, operators have experienced some of most significant well cost reductions. Read More

HOW SOCIAL UNREST SHOWED UP IN NY POWER LOADS THIS SUMMER (6/29/2020) Government-mandated closures aren’t the only thing cutting into power demand in New York this summer. Once the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S., New York maintained strict closures and travel restrictions throughout April and May. Read More

HOW WILL COVID-19 AND LOW OIL PRICES IMPACT OIL & GAS IN BRAZIL? (6/17/2020) As Brazil becomes a global hot spot for the COVID-19 pandemic, corporations and industries struggle with the logistical choices and challenges based on the need to rapidly adapt in the COVID-19 environment and the changed world that will emerge afterward. Read More

High-Grading Rig Activity – Don’t Call It a Comeback (6/15/2020) The recent collapse in oil prices forced a dramatic drop in activity as operators slashed budgets and curtailed volumes to avoid producing into an uneconomic environment. Read More

IS THE PAST THE KEY TO THE PRESENT FOR OIL & GAS? (6/11/2020) Punditry is a great thing. Especially when it involves forecasting major economic changes that are expected to take place over years instead of weeks. It allows anyone to be wrong as often as they are right. Read More

SHARKS IN THE WATER—PART 3 (6/9/2020) In this week’s blog, we’re highlighting two more “sharks in the water”—companies with solid balance sheets, long-term growth strategies, and cash to spend on acquisitions from stressed rivals during these stressful times. Read More

Q&A: Ask an Analyst

Client Workbooks: Because Work Doesn’t Stop

Permian Opportunities Knock: This workbook examines the top 40 most active operators in the Permian basin as a starting point for analyzing who is best positioned to continue operating at current commodity prices. View Workbook

Operator Guidance Updates: Many operators have updated capital guidance in response to current commodity prices. This workbook examines activity and acreage for 15 of these operators who have announced revisions to their 2020 guidance. View Workbook

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