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The Transformation of an Outdated Accounts Payable Process

Streamline and automate procurement for scalability

Success at a Glance


  • Time-consuming and manual invoice processing
  • Risk of errors that could impact the bottom line
  • Siloed teams limited productivity


  • Streamline procurement process from order to invoice with Enverus payables solutions
  • Automated invoice approvals improved payment cycle
  • Empowered team to have visibility and control over vendor payments


  • Improved processes allow for business scalability
  • Increased number of invoices processed with fewer resources
  • Shift resources to other areas of the business that require attention

Client Overview

Gravity Oilfield Services (Gravity) is a growth-oriented, Permian-focused provider of midstream and infrastructure services to U.S. onshore oil and natural gas exploration and production companies, including water midstream solutions, critical power generation offerings and other production focused services. Gravity has significant coverage density in the Permian Basin, and also benefits from a national footprint supported by facilities, operations and management personnel in several other key domestic resource plays including the Bakken, Eagle Ford, SCOOP/STACK, DJ Basin, Haynesville and Marcellus, among others. As Gravity continues to grow and evolve, a pivotal aspect of its strategy involves a meticulous analysis of its existing back-office processes. This proactive approach aims to fortify its business infrastructure, ensuring it is primed for seamless scalability in response to industry demands.


Maneuvering an Outdated System in Accounts Payable

Gravity payable’s team, once a robust group of seven, struggled with an accounts payable system that couldn’t keep up with a changing and growing business, leading to inefficient invoicing, payment processing and data analysis. The consequences of a constrained process were far-reaching, from misallocated invoices to overburdened employees, and a consistent need to re-check the accuracy of financial transactions. The team was at full capacity coping with the system as it was and there was no valuable time left for growth and development. There was a strong desire to streamline the manual invoicing and payment processes to keep up with the demand of the business.


Processing Every Invoice Correctly, the First Time

To tackle these challenges, Gravity adopted two crucial solutions: OpenOrder, to control the entire order management process and track spend, and OpenInvoice®, a cloud-based accounts payable platform.

With these solutions in place, every incoming invoice is now associated with pre-approved purchase orders, allowing for seamless tracking back to the relevant business unit. Depending on the delegation of authority, certain invoices undergo automatic approval and payment processes. The end-to-end tracking capability ensures efficient management of orders, leading to expedited payments for suppliers.


Enverus Solutions Facilitate a Cultural Shift

The implementation of Enverus Business Automation solutions transformed Gravity’s operations, enabling them to overcome challenges and streamline processes. This transformation is not just about software; it’s about redefining how teams collaborate and, ultimately, succeed. The collaborative nature of Enverus solutions facilitated a cultural shift, where vendors and finance teams work together to achieve a common goal. As a result, Gravity now efficiently processes more invoices with a leaner team of just three members.


Oil & Gas

Company Size

1,001-5,000 employees


Midland, Texas

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