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Success at a Glance


  • High volume of transactions to screen and evaluate
  • Data validation challenges can result in inaccuracies and inconsistencies
  • Ensuring portfolios are managed with the most up-to-date market insights



  • Access to expert valuation analysis and same-day M&A deal coverage
  • Enhanced due diligence, ability to cross-reference against live market data
  • In-depth coverage of upstream and midstream trends provides intel on cash flow, loans and market


  • Real-time market insights enable agile decision-making and validation
  • Efficient evaluation of potential opportunities
  • Balanced portfolios and improved risk management through standardized analysis

Client Overview

Amegy Bank, a division of Zions Bancorporation, N.A., is a leading Texas bank with $13 billion in assets and almost 1,000 employees. As a part of Zions Bancorporation, N.A., Amegy earned in 2022 three Best Brand Awards and 14 Greenwich Excellence Awards, designating the bank as first out of 500 in Middle Market Banking. With some 75 locations across Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and Central Texas, Amegy is dedicated to serving Texas communities, families and businesses. Founded in 1990, Amegy has a strong tradition of relationship banking, local decision making and financial knowledge. Amegy specializes in banking businesses of all sizes, particularly family-owned businesses, and has the resources to provide financing, treasury management solutions, international banking and other products and services that help companies grow. Equally important, the bank offers individuals and families a wide range of depository, lending, wealth management and mortgage solutions. The bank’s energy group has more than $4 billion in commitments to more than 300 companies in the industry and serves as a resource for innovative financial solutions and support with offices in Houston, Dallas and Denver.


Resource-Intensive Screening

To best serve its market, Amegy Bank’s energy group keeps a finger on the pulse of the upstream and midstream energy sectors. To meet the demands of the dynamic industry, they sought more efficient ways to conduct deal screening and due diligence, which were time-consuming and challenging due to the high transaction volume. Failing to address this inefficiency could result in missed opportunities and further resource drain. Data accuracy in credit packaging and underwriting was equally essential, motivating them to enhance the validation processes and minimize data inconsistencies affecting risk assessments. Furthermore, maintaining competitiveness in the fast-paced energy lending sector required real-time market insights to inform decision making and seize growth opportunities. These challenges are not unique to Amegy Bank, underscoring the importance of effective solutions to remain competitive and ensure high-quality operations.


Reimagined, Rapid Deal Assessment

Amegy Bank’s energy group realized substantial value when it added Enverus to their toolkit for deal screening. They streamlined analysis, transitioning from a process that once took several days to one that now takes a mere 15 minutes. Enverus PRISM® Infrastructure Layers emerged as a key data set, offering detailed insights into midstream clients’ exposure, including throughput volumes on gathering systems and visualizing critical energy infrastructure. Through the integration of the customizable platform’s, geospatial filters and real-time data, the team can rapidly assess potential opportunities in any area of interest.

To perform data validation and cross-checking, the team leverages Foundations, a solution providing clean, analytics-ready data for intuitive analysis and insights. The solution streamlined portfolio analysis, employing easy-to-use dashboards and standardizing the way high-level asset overviews are performed.

Real-time market insights from Enverus experts empowered Amegy Bank’s team with vital updates on M&A transactions, upstream trends and market dynamics, ensuring they remained well-informed on factors such as PDP value and cash flow multiples.


Data Integrity in Energy Lending

Efficient deal screening has been a significant achievement, allowing Amegy Bank to rapidly evaluate and filter transactions, optimize resource allocation and minimize time spent on unsuitable deals. Enhanced data validation has resulted in heightened data accuracy, reducing inconsistencies and facilitating well-informed and precise decision-making. With a continued focus on growth and expansion, the bank is committed to fully capitalizing on their solutions, maintaining high-quality portfolios and upholding superior data quality in their energy lending operations.



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