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Camino Natural Resources, LLC Outsources Owner Support Activities, Maximizes Internal Team Efficiency

Success at a Glance


  • With a large owner network and an accounting team of 14, the company needed to run lean, efficient operations while providing quality support to its owners.


  • EnergyLink®: The online portal provides owners and partners secure, convenient online access to their ACH electronic deposit, self-service change of address and monthly oil and gas statements, including revenue check detail, 1099 tax documents and JIBs.
  • Call Center Support Services: Enverus agents are experienced land and accounting professionals ready to handle all your calls or serve as overflow to your existing staff.
  • Print and Mail Services: Enverus can print and mail any document—from revenue checks and one-time communications to monthly and seasonal statements, such as check details, JIBs and 1099s.


  • Online access for owners reduces the volume of inquiries and print and mail costs.
  • Call center agents field owner calls and emails, allowing internal staff to focus on their core task of financial reporting and analysis.
  • Reports on call activity provides visibility into owner issues and call volumes.
  • Print and Mail Services save the company’s highly skilled accounting team valuable time.
  • Integration between EnergyLink and the mail house reduces costs by mailing only to unregistered owners.

Client Overview

Camino Natural Resources, LLC (CNR) was founded in 2016 by Ward Polzin, a veteran energy executive and founding CEO of Centennial Resource Development. Backed by private equity firm NGP Energy Capital Management, the oil and gas startup acquired four major assets and other properties in the South Central Oklahoma Oil Province (SCOOP) and Sooner Trend Anadarko Canadian Kingfisher (STACK) of Oklahoma, which rapidly transformed the company into one of the largest private oil and gas producers in the region. Headquartered in Denver, CNR now holds a 100,000 net acre position in the SCOOP/STACK, operates approximately 250 wells and owns additional interests in approximately 700 wells.


Running lean internal operations while maximizing output is a critical focus for CNR. Prior to joining CNR, Kelly Davis, the company’s controller, managed an internal accounting team at another private equity-backed operator. For that company’s small team to be successful, the business outsourced several accounting functions. With about 10,000 owners and an internal staff of 14, Kelly knew outsourcing owner support was the best option to maximize CNR’s accounting team’s efficiency and hiring needs. It would allow the internal staff to focus on important tasks without the distraction of owner inquiries.


CNR first wanted to establish an online owner portal, where owners could securely access their accounts and complete certain task (like change of address requests) at their convenience. Self service access to owner information is a proven way to reduce many high-level owner questions. After establishing an owner portal with Enverus, CNR looked to provide a point-of-contact that was familiar with oil and gas accounting and land-related issues and processes that could answer owner questions and resolve issues.

Enverus Call Center Support Services offered a perfect solution. The call center agents are experienced oil and gas professionals who can assist owners with a multitude of questions and know which contact to direct specific inquiries to for follow up. CNR also appreciated that Enverus agents are available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m., so the company knew their owners could speak to a live person.

Finally, CNR looked for any opportunities to eliminate manual, repetitive tasks. With such a large owner network, printing checks and stuffing envelopes for monthly check runs is a necessary, time-consuming task. Enverus Print and Mail Services can print and mail different document types, from revenue detail and land checks to one-time communications and seasonal statements like 1099s. This provided CNR flexibility to scale its print and mail needs without having to cover the overhead expense of having in-house print equipment.


Call Center

CNR immediately began seeing the positive impact of Enverus call center agents managing initial owner inquiries. The service empowered the internal team for several reasons beyond alleviating call volumes.

Agents also help CNR deploy strategic initiatives. For example, the company provides ACH as an option, but didn’t want to deal directly with owner bank information. CNR’s bank provided the company with red codes that allowed owners to log into the self-service owner portal and sign up for ACH. The call center agents were able to provide information on this process and help owners sign up. Also, the call center agents encourage owners to register online, so they can easily retrieve 1099 statements and revenue detail on their own. This reduces the company’s print and mail expenses.

CNR recently experienced growth in its owner count from a merger and taking on management of another entity. They needed a plan to provide owner support to the new owners. To ensure the company was prepared to manage the influx of owner calls, CNR and Enverus worked together, setting up a process for new owners to access support. Kelly adds that the weekly call logs and reports she receives provide visibility into call volumes and prevalent owner issues or questions. This helps her keep a pulse on issues and what’s going on with their owners.

Print and Mail Services

Having agents encourage owners to register online also helps lower CNR’s print and mail costs. CNR hosts JIB and revenue detail on EnergyLink®, which integrates seamlessly with the Enverus mail house. This means CNR can mail statements to only unregistered owners. With agents actively encouraging owners to register online, CNR anticipates the number of registered owners to grow, further reducing print and mail costs over time. Also, by outsourcing print and mail, CNR doesn’t need to purchase or maintain expensive equipment in-house. Another benefit recently realized is that outsourced print and mail services made CNR’s switch to a virtual working environment seamless when the pandemic arrived.


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